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hhh-jctv-200-christianraphiphopnews“Holy Hip Hop Video Completes Filming of First Video Series Season With TBN Youth Programming Affiliate JC-TV To Begin Broadcasting In April 2009

March 30, 2009. [Atlanta/Los Angeles].  Holy Hip Hop Video announced today that it is now set for its premier season debut on Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) Affiliate JC-TV, beginning in April 2009, in support of the Global Movement to Take the Gospel to the Streets.  Holy Hip Hop Video is a 30-minute weekly television program that features news, interviews, music videos and more.

“Less than 12 months ago, JC-TV/TBN expressed a desire and vision to be a beacon of light for Holy Hip Hop Ministers of the Gospel and the entire community focused on the advancement of Street Ministry Evangelism.  In less than 30-days, that vision will become a reality as Holy Hip Hop Video, airing weekly, touches 10 Million Homes via the focused power and global reach of TBN/JC-TV.

To the entire global Holy Hip Hop and Gospel Community, please pray for, uplift and wholeheartedly support TBN/JC-TV for their sacrifices and for being trailblazers of action and not just idle words.  Without a doubt whatsoever, JC-TV/TBN truly cares and it is not about just achieving ratings for them; but instead, the passion of TBN/JC-TV is first and foremost to save souls and to spread the Good News to the ends of the earth 24/7.  The unified Holy Hip Hop global movement sustains momentum and elevates to higher ground.  There is more to come,” said Minister eDDie Velez (a/k/a “Da Preachin Puerto Rican”).

About Holy Hip Hop Video:

Started in 2004, via an alliance with INSP/i-Lifetv, Holy Hip Hop Video features interviews, news, videos and more, highlighting the burgeoning movement for Street Ministry Evangelism that serves the purpose of uplifting, inspiring and enlightening the community, children and adults for generations to come. To submit music videos, please mail to: Holy Hip Hop Video; P.O. Box 1023; Pine Lake, Georgia 30072.  For more information on the global movement to take the gospel to the streets, go to: or email: video(@)

About JC-TV:

JCTV offers a 24/7 blend of high-energy programs, including Christian music videos, extreme sports, concerts and comedy shows. Due to its unique format, JCTV produces and features many programs that can’t be seen anywhere else. The channel, which is programmed for 13-29 year olds, was launched by Trinity Broadcasting Network in 2002.  For more information, go to:

About Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN):

TBN is the largest and most requested faith-based network in the U.S. With a combination of family-friendly programming and exclusive movies, concerts and specials, it consistently ranks number one in Nielsen rankings of faith-based channels. TBN is currently available to 92 percent of total U.S. households. For more information, go to:

About eDDie Velez:

eDDie Velez has been featured on national media such as, INSP, i-Lifetv, Atlanta-Journal Constitution, BET, CBS – The Early Show, FOX, PBS and C-SPAN.  In January of 2002, eDDie Velez was invited by the late Coretta Scott King to be a guest speaker at the Annual Martin Luther King Commemorative Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA. In front of many dignitaries, including the First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Laura Bush, he gave a compelling speech on how Dr. King’s vision cannot die within the Hip Hop Culture.

eDDie Velez currently hosts the nationally-syndicated Holy Hip Hop Radio Show syndicated worldwide by Superadio, as well as the Holy Hip Hop Video Show distributed worldwide by TBN/JCTV touching over 10 million homes weekly. eDDie also serves as the Chairman and CEO of the Fellowship of Holy Hip Hop, an organization that focuses on ministering the Gospel to the Hip Hop culture. Eddie Velez is bilingual, speaking both fluent English and Spanish.

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