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“The Almighty” Music Video with Rawsrvnt & St. Matthew (@Rawsrvnt)

Soul Deep Records presents in association with Seventhwire Films “The Almighty”music video with Rawsrvnt & St. Matthew.
Rawsrvnt’s (Eddy Puyol) song “The Almighty” has crossed over to international watersand convinced Reggae listeners that his sound can’t be just confined or classified to hip-hop, but that Reggae actually fits him.

Earlier this year Rawsrvnt went to Jamaica for a Missions trip with the Father’s House(Leesburg, FL) and the Jesus Way Jamaica ministry team and met popular DancehallGospel Reggae artist St. Matthew who quickly agreed the song was a hit and immediatelyput his stamp on it.

“When I heard “The Almighty” I knew MAJOR was written all over it,” said St.Matthew. “Thanks to Rawsrvnt I think this song is gonna be a great blessing to many.”

Soul Deep Records decided to put some visuals to the song after the great successthe “On Fire” video with Riche Righteous has had. “When Rawsrvnt asked me to go overto Jamaica to shoot the video for “The Almighty” I was blown away,” said Nomar Rosaof Seventhwire Films. “I don’t know many state-side artists that travel over seas to do amusic video but this made sense. I really think this was the only way to communicate themessage of the song in its most realist way.”

Rawsrvnt’s “The Almighty” music video feat. St. Matthew is set to impact the videoworld Tuesday, October 11, 2011 on YouTube. Pick up your copy of “The Almighty” onall major digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon, Holy Culture Download, etc.). Enjoy!

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