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The_Speak_Life_Tour=200=ChristianRapHipHopNewsIn a time when Holy Hip Hop is becoming a sub-genre niche within the church circle, up and coming artists, UPWORDZ and eMpTy, do exactly what their heart desires…preach the Gospel to the unbelievers as they embark on a rigorous September

Aug 25, 2009 – September 2009 will mark the 1st installment of “The Speak Life” Tour featuring up and coming Christian emcees, Upwordz & eMpTy, both from Southern California. Upwordz, is a Long Beach based artist who is also preparing to venture out to Japan in October 2009 immediately after he wraps up a busy September. eMpTy, is a street ministry partner who has been rhyming for quite sometime but hasn’t recorded an album or mixtape, yet is loaded with witty Christ centered rhymes.

The overall goal and heart of “The Speak Life” Tour is explicitly MISSIONAL, in the sense of a native missionary perspective. Both Upwordz and eMpTy grew up in the heart of Southern California, being involved in the drug, gang and tagging culture. They both understand that the majority of the demographic entrenched in hip hop, lyricism, and art are un-saved and un-churched, so Upwordz & eMpTy decided to link up with Promotions & PR company, “Paul N. Silas” Media, to launch this effort to meet people in their territory on their terms. eMpTy says that “people may not want to go to church for a variety of reasons, but because of that reason, we MUST take the church to them.” “I just want to preach the Gospel to cats who need to hear it,” says Upwordz.

The tour will consist of a 15-gig “rush” that will have the two emcees rhyming at non-church secular venues. This installment is only the first of several that’s being planned. The rationale behind the various installments is to frequent a secular establishment in order to build with each community and offer more than just “Jesus raps” but give each person a display and life lived wholeheartedly for Jesus, which can only be experienced through an ongoing relationship.

The dates are as follows:

  • Sept. 4 – Long Beach, CA
  • Sept. 8 – Los Angeles, CA
  • Sept. 9 – Long Beach, CA
  • Sept. 10 – Long Beach, CA
  • Sept. 11 – Long Beach, CA
  • Sept. 12 – Lomita, CA
  • Sept. 14 – Los Angeles, CA
  • Sept. 15 – Long Beach, CA
  • Sept. 17 – Santa Monica, CA
  • Sept. 18 – Long Beach, CA
  • Sept. 20 – Culver City, CA
  • Sept. 22 – Los Angeles, CA
  • Sept. 23 – Newport Beach, CA
  • Sept. 24 – Torrance, CA
  • Sept. 25 – Long Beach, CA

All of these events are not church events, so PLEASE pray that the Lord will show favor and be lifted up. Upwordz & eMpTy covet your petitions and intercession as they pour into their community via Holy Hip Hop. For more information, and/or to show support for the two emcees, please contact:


For more information on Upwordz visit:
For more information on eMpTy email:

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