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My daughter Naima mixing 1 of my songs.

My daughter Naima mixing 1 of my songs.

Yo!  k-Drama here.

Currently I’m working on mixing my man Shane Kidd’s new album and I must admit, it’s getting a tab bit tedious.  Why?  B/C I love the music so much that I want every note, word & sound to be heard within perfect harmony.  So when I listen to mix #17 it the hi hat is .5 dbs lower than I desire, I am not pleased and have to make mix #18 which isn’t anymore different than #17 other than the hi hat being raised by .5 dbs.

While listening to mix #18 of Shane Kidd’s song “Student of Life” in the car, I thought to myself…

As Christians, we should be like Studio Engineers that mix music.  We have to make tweaks until we get it right, no matter how tedious it gets.  Even the smallest adjustment should be made, no matter how many times it’s adjusted.  A sound, balanced, clearly heard (or seen) life is pleasing to God.  But a distorted, imbalanced, clanging life can eclipse God’s glory.”

I hope that clicked with you and I hope that can be of an encouragement and a challenge you to live a life of excellent harmony, which is your reasonable service.  It should be clear that you & I love Jesus!

Bless God,


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