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Conquest “Bryant’s Theme”

Originally released as a ‘buzz single’ on August 24th 2012, Brooklyn based MC/songwriter/producer CONQUEST (Born Jason Andre Roberts) now official releases the video for “BRYANT’S THEME: CODE OF ETHICS II”, another street single off his 2012 album “Radical Departure”. August 24th 2012 also marked the one year anniversary of the passing of Brooklyn N.Y. based DJ & New York CHH vanguard DJ Bryant Smith & as a tribute to his life & legacy, “Bryant’s Theme” was created in his honor. Inspired by Bryant’s most popular song “JESUS CHRIST HAS ENTERED THE BUILDING” & a conversation revealing that an earlier Conquest song “CODE OF ETHICS” was one of Bryant’s all time favorites. ‘Quest proceed to re-write parts of the original, add 28 brand new bars & re-work the chorus of Bryant’s most popular song into the new hook, hence completing the song we know today. “Bryant’s Theme: Code Of Ethics II” was produced & mixed by Daniel Steele aka D. STEELE & the video was shot & directed by EDGAR MATTEY of MOOKIE FILMS

Produced by: D. STEELE
CD Release Date: December 4th 2012
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