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Video: Smiley-D “Gospel Freestyle” Music Video

frontArtist Name: Smiley-D
Song Name: Gospel Freestyle
Produced by: Al Purp
CD Name: Truth Spoken “Joy vs Sorrow”
CD Release Date: 8-15-11
Follow Me: @smileyd405

Darrell Thomas (Smiley-D)
Darrell Thomas also known as Smiley-D was born on March 9th 1988 in Oklahoma City, OK. When he was 12 years old he moved with his mother and sisters to Bremerton, WA, where he finished high school. Smiley-D started rapping at the age of 12 by recording on cassette tapes and freestyling at parties. He began pursuing his rap career at the age of 17 while being influenced by secular artists and the street life, he was slipping away from the faith (Christianity) that his mother raised him in. At this time in his life his father wasn’t really around to teach him how to be a man so he chose O.G. gang members and thugs as his role models and began participating in robberies and selling drugs. At the age of 18 in the year 2006, Smiley-D moved back to Oklahoma City to take his rap career more serious and started hitting the streets hard with demos, flyers, and word of mouth. Smiley-D was determined to get famous and did whatever it took to get money. He started shooting music videos later in his career putting them on Youtube and World Star Hip Hop, linking up with Bay Area artists such as Philthy Rich, T-Nutty, Stevie Joe, etc. He was under the management of Nuch (manager of Mac Dre, Keak Da Sneak, Yuk Mouth, etc) in early 2011. This was the breaking point of Smiley-D and secular rap game when God spoke to him through his word one night when he was at his home he was selling drugs out of. After that day his life would never be the same as God grabbed ahold of his heart and he decided to live for the Lord and switch over to Christian Rap. He has released his first album as a Christian rapper titled Truth Spoken “Joy vs Sorrow” and released his first music video as a Christian rapper titled “Late Night”. Smiley-D is currently building his relationship with Christ and still promoting his album as he gets ready to move back to Seattle, WA to be a father to his son and push his ministry. You can purchase Smiley-D’s album Truth Spoken “Joy vs Sorrow” on
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