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[Watch.] COOP – Intro to Exile

“By 2021 I’ll be everything I imagined I made my own lane and I like it without the traffic.” @coopytrill

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I promise I’m not another rapper who blows up, then disappears
I play for more progression and growth and that come in years
I biggest fear is really exposing all of my fears
Ironically the more that I’m vulnerable people hear
Feel like I been a veteran even though this is new
I just acted like I knew who I was and what I could do
Maybe that’s just how to good Lord bless me to see the truth
Celebrities are really no different then me and you
I remember when I started DMing one of my heroes
Told me there’s much more to streaming, numbers and zeros
Taught me I gotta be different then all my piers
So I been controversy on the mic’s like [?]
Anyways, back to the music, I got a lot
I don’t think that there’s a way to prepare you for what I got
Just know I’m coming back and it’s for that number one spot
And although things change, I still lean on the Rock
I know a lot of people that wishing were in my place
Only reason I’m here, that’s unconditional grace
I know a lot of girls with makeup caked on their face
I wish I could tell ’em the Creator don’t make mistakes
I’ve met a lot of fellows who drown their sorrows in bottles
The only thing that they really drowning out is tomorrow
This year I prolly won’t win a Grammy preaching the Gospel
Sometimes the truth is a very difficult pill to swallow
You ever love somebody so much you start getting scared?
Afraid that when they need you the most that you won’t be there
I’m not saying that I was emotionally unprepared
But there’s a difference in being woke and being aware
I’m two minutes in and this album’s already classic
By 2021 I’ll be everything I imagined
I made my own lane and I like it without the traffic
Mostly y’all still got it in park like Jurassic
But my challenge is neck
So as I walk through this valley filled with shadows and death
I walk to the land that was promised to me
I may be lost as a man but my spirit is free
Welcome to exile
We’re the one’s they left out
So walk with your chest out
And never put your head down
And walk to the land that Yahweh promised to you
Never let a man kill your dreams, follow the truth
As I rally the troops
This is for my little brothers who been looking up to me ever since childhood youth
This the album I envisioned I would write since I was eight years old
It’s crazy now vibing out in the booth
So let the credits roll ’cause this movie gon’ be incredible
The story starts with a baby as the legend goes
Born into slavery so mama made a sacrifice
Float the boy down the river to find a better life
As faith would have it, that baby would reach the palace
Raised to raise a child that’s a prince and a man a valor
But he was unaware of his ancestral balance
The boy that was born in slavery, to those slaves he became the master
One day he met the Master who spoke and told him “I need you”
“To go back to your land, I chose you to free my people”
And though he felt like he was incapable of the task
He went from wrecks to riches and then riches to wrecks
I know you know the story of the Exodus
I am like a modern day Moses with my penmanship
So I tell the world is you’re feeling like you still in your chains
I promise you are not the only one that’s feeling this way
I told the devil “let me people go”
And what am I gon’ do about it? I don’t even know, yeah
I’m just a kid tryna find my way to Canaan
‘Cause I’m tired of the lies and learning this world will never satisfy
Everything I have, I just built off hustle
From “why” to “why not” like a spin off Russell
Success is like a picture and we got all of the pieces
I just work words together like a jigsaw puzzle
I think I [?] this beat, no lawyers involved
My people follow me, they loyal no matter the cost
So as you follow me, prepare for toil and loss
This just the intro so lets not spoil it all, yeah
This just the intro so lets not spoil it all
Welcome to exile

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