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[Watch.] International Show – All Systems Go

@intlshow tells you in his bars where he stands when making decisions and shares his simple process which is to consult with God in prayer before everything.

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All Systems Go (Freestyle) [Lyrics]
Artist: International Show
Single Title: All Systems Go ( Freestyle)
Release Date: April 3, 2020
Written & Performed by: International Show
Original Music by: International Show
Mixed & Mastered by: International Show(@IntlShow)
Management/Booking: @Theclariongrp |

If you talkin’ bout my Lord my God My savior it’s a go
You can run it by me I’m a check it out I’ll let you know
I can show you how to line up all them duckies in a row
We bout that

All systems go
All systems go (repeat 9x)

[Verse 1]
People from past now act now cuz I’m on the right path now
And I’m always looking forward, I ain’t never ever worried bout’ the past down
Big body to airport that’s the clear port no pat down
They don’t even know how I got it, probably think I’m playing for the Pats now
Winning all in my nature
Switch a pick to pick a player
Everything I’ll work in my favor
Major moves what I’m made for
The only thing from the factory
Is my blessing on the conveyer
And they leave em at the front door
Thank God I got good neighbors
Jesus Christ my savior
The alpha and the omega
But I’ll still work the whole day for
Not a penny not a nickel not a dime
Could compare to what he paid for
Gimme 30 gimme 60 gimme 100 fold All on my acres

[Verse 2]
Send me and I’ll get it poppin’ Lord
See the yellow tape better be cautious or
Turn the other way it’s the only option
I ain’t here to entertain gotta give God the glory
I don’t play it safe
Lead the race
Get out the way
Extend the faith
Check the measure tape
Until everything detonate




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