The 116 Life Ep. 18 – “DKG.KIE, Glorifying God Authentically in Spirit and in Truth!”

In this episode of the 116 Life, Ace Harris sits down with Dre Hunter, the A&R director at Reach Records, and DKG KIE, an artist from Detroit. We talked about their backgrounds, music, and culture, and it was an eye-opening conversation.

Dre shared his backstory, including his experiences growing up in different parts of Atlanta and how he was inspired by the young superstars coming out of the East Side of Atlanta. He also talked about his journey as an A&R and how he found DKG KIE through his DMs.

Becoming DKG.KIE

DKG KIE introduced himself and talked about his love for fashion and style, which he says is a big part of Detroit culture. He also shared his journey of how he never intended to become a rapper, but instead was a star basketball player until he got kicked out of college for his behavior and involvement in drugs. He then experienced a wake-up call when his cousin was gunned down, and he was supposed to be with him that night. This event led him to turn his life around and find his relationship with God.

They also discussed the controversy surrounding DKG KIE’s music and the name of his group, Demon Killer Gang (DKG). He explained that people often have a problem with things that they are not used to, and that the church has a habit of demonizing things that are different. He also talked about how his music is changing the narrative for Detroit and how he and his team saw the potential for their music to make an impact early on.

One of the most important takeaways from this conversation was the importance of understanding and accepting diversity within the Christian faith. They talked about how not everyone will have the same experience with Christianity, especially when it comes to youth camps and conferences with big stages and productions. They emphasized the need to give space for people to have different experiences and not be critical or judgmental.

As Dre noted, Christian hip-hop artists are essential for the culture because they are speaking from the perspective of people who have come from poverty and the hood. They are showing young people how to use their gifts for Christ.

Overall, this was a great conversation that highlighted the importance of diversity, self-promotion, and branding in the music industry. If you want to hear more about Dre Hunter and DKG KIE’s stories, make sure to check out the full episode.

As DKG Kai said, “My music is about spiritual maintenance, such as fasting and prayer.” So, let’s take some time to reflect on our own spiritual maintenance and listen to this episode for some inspiration.

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