The 116 Life Ep. 34 – “Redeeming the Sounds of Culture with Christian R&B Artist Jor’Dan Armstrong

Reach Records Exec. and VP of A&R, recently welcomed Jor’dan Armstrong, a renowned singer, producer, and performer in the Christian R&B genre, to the The 116 Life. Known for his chart-topping hits and numerous award nominations, Jor’dan’s presence on the show was a thrilling experience. Always looking camera-ready, Jordan’s comfortable and natural style is a testament to his upbringing and early influences.

The Early Influence

Jor’dan attributes his sense of fashion to his mother, who, despite their financial struggles, took pleasure in dressing him up. This early influence, he believes, shaped his sense of style. But his mother’s influence extended beyond fashion. She was also a singer and nurtured Jordan’s love for music. Growing up in a family of singers and musicians, Jor’dan was exposed to gospel music and church rehearsals from a young age. His mother recognized his talent and invested in his musical journey, buying him sound equipment and computers. Jor’dan fondly remembers using Fruity Loops (now known as FL Studio) on a Dell computer, which kickstarted his music production career.

The Pursuit of Music

Jor’dan’s journey of pursuing a career in music is a testament to his determination and passion. He recalls how he and his friends drove to Atlanta to pitch their demos to record labels, despite not having much money or a place to stay. They ended up at Stank on a studio, where they played their music for a guy who answered the door. Although they wrote songs for him, the guy never called them back. Despite this setback, Jor’dan remained focused on his goal: to get a record deal, a publishing deal, and placements for his music.

The Struggle and Success

Jor’dan also discussed his struggle to find music that resonated with him within the Christian community. He felt a divide between gospel music and Christian hip hop, and he wanted to create a different flavor of music. Despite facing criticism and backlash, he persevered and stayed true to his vision. His contribution to the rise of Christian R&B is undeniable, and I praised him as one of the pioneers in the genre.

The Power of Support

Jor’dan emphasized the importance of having a supportive circle of people who believed in him. His friends and even non-churchgoing acquaintances encouraged him and kept him motivated. He also shared his belief that Jesus had given him the gift of music for a specific purpose, which fueled his passion for creating Christian R&B music.

The Breakthrough

The moment when Jor’dan’s song “Favor” gained traction in the gospel music industry was a turning point in his career. While it was the first time many people heard his music, he had been creating similar sounds for ten years prior. Despite the challenges of promoting his music without a radio budget, his involvement in producing a song for another artist helped him gain exposure and recognition in the industry.

From Gospel Music to Christian R&B

Our conversation touched on the changing landscape of gospel music and the need to break away from pigeonholing it into specific genres. Jordan emphasized that God allows creativity to redeem the sounds of culture and incorporate His word into music, which can change people’s perception of God and the world.

The Album Release and the Message

Jor’dan’s album release party for “Church Girls Love R&B” was a significant event, with a predominantly female audience in attendance. Jordan shared his calling to speak to women and provide them with a voice and tools to navigate heartbreak. He also discussed the importance of embodying the culture of R&B intertwined with the lifestyle of relationships in his ministry.

The Importance of Mentorship and Representation

Jor’dan also talked about the significance of being a mentor and a lover of one woman, especially in the context of black relationships. He believes in representing a healthy and loving marriage publicly, not to boast or appear perfect, but to provide a positive example for others.

The Journey Continues

Despite his accomplishments, including his journey from Baton Rouge to Atlanta, collaborations with notable artists, and his song “My God” reaching number one, Jor’dan remains unimpressed with himself and believes in the potential for even greater achievements.

Staying Grounded

Jor’dan reflected on the importance of staying grounded in his purpose. He acknowledged that sometimes he gets caught up in the numbers and accolades, but he is reminded of why he started his career – to touch souls and introduce people to God.

Upcoming Projects

Jor’dan revealed that he has several exciting opportunities in the works, including starting his own show. He also mentioned that he has three EPs set to release from now until January. He has a single called “You” currently playing on the radio, which has reached the top 30. He expressed gratitude for the support of his listeners and acknowledged the shift towards streaming in the music industry.


Jor’dan Armstrong’s journey is a testament to his passion, determination, and faith. His story serves as an inspiration to many, and his music continues to touch souls and introduce people to God. As he continues to create and release new music, I am excited to see what the future holds for this pioneer in Christian R&B.

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Jor'dan Armstrong, Christian R&B, You artwork
Jor'dan Armstrong, Christian R&B pioneer talks, marriage, family and the impact of gospel music on his life


Growing up with a love for music [00:01:00] Jor’dan Armstrong discusses how his love for music and his unique style developed from a young age, influenced by his mother’s support and his own natural inclination.

The influence of his mother on his music career [00:02:38] Jor’dan Armstrong credits his mother for investing in his music career, buying him equipment and supporting his passion for music. He also talks about their bond and the impact it had on his artistry.

From Baton Rouge to Atlanta: Pursuing a music career [00:08:56] Jor’dan Armstrong shares his journey from Baton Rouge to Atlanta, where he pursued his music career. He talks about his early experiences singing in church and how it led him to pursue music professionally.

Motivated to go to Atlanta [00:10:34] The speaker talks about being motivated by a friend to go to Atlanta to pursue a music career.

Knocking on doors in Atlanta [00:11:20] The speaker shares their experience of going to different record labels in Atlanta and knocking on doors to play their music.

Finding their sound in Christian R&B [00:17:01] The speaker discusses their journey of finding their own sound in Christian R&B and breaking through in a genre that was not widely accepted at the time.

The moment of realization [00:20:30] Jor’dan Armstrong talks about how he had a circle of people who believed in him and kept him motivated in his music career.

Discovering his purpose [00:21:21] Jor’dan Armstrong discusses how he always knew he wanted to be a Christian R&B artist and how he never wanted to sing secular music.

Breaking through with “Favor” [00:22:03] Jor’dan Armstrong talks about how his song “Favor” was the first time he had radio presence and how it introduced him to the gospel music industry.

The importance of real-life counseling [00:32:00] The speaker discusses the value of receiving both spiritual counseling from pastors and real-life counseling from experienced individuals in relationships.

Finding a good thing and locking it up [00:35:26] The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding a partner that shares a strong mental connection and the significance of building a solid foundation for a lasting marriage.

Embracing healthy representation and inspiring others [00:38:10] The speaker talks about the positive influence of publicly loving and uplifting his wife, and how it inspires others to seek a similar kind of love and relationship.

Reminded of Purpose [00:42:04] The speaker reflects on the importance of staying focused on their purpose and the impact they have on people’s lives.

Material Success vs. Ministry [00:43:01] The speaker discusses the transient nature of material success and emphasizes the importance of focusing on ministry and the initial passion that led them to start.

Upcoming Projects [00:43:50] The speaker shares their excitement about upcoming opportunities, including starting their own show, releasing three EPs, and having a single at radio.

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