The 116 Life Episode 40: Harvesting Creativity with the Spirited Mike Teezy”

On this episode of The 116 Life we are thrilled to introduce you to a special guest, Mike Teezy, a Christian rapper, singer, dancer, and artist. We are excited to welcome the Christian content creator on to talk, creativity, faith, music and culture.

Discovering the Gift of Creativity

Mike Teezy’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. He’s been all over, with many celebrities posting about him. But his journey to stardom wasn’t always smooth sailing. Mike shares that he has always been a dancer and started playing the drums at a young age. He was shy growing up, but he eventually came out of his shell and started exploring his creativity through poetry and recording songs in his friends’ apartment.

Overcoming Challenges

Mike’s journey wasn’t without its challenges. He faced bullying and struggled with insecurities, which led to suicidal thoughts and attempts. It wasn’t until he broke down and cried out to God that he found some relief from these internalized traumas.

The Turning Point

The turning point for Mike came when he received news of a friend’s tragic death. It made him realize the fragility of life and the need to fulfill his calling. He wrote a worship song and shared it with his parents, which marked the beginning of his journey into music.

Triumph from Trauma

Mike’s life is a testament to the triumph that can come from trauma. He shares his testimony of being run over by a drunk driver at the age of seven and miraculously being healed by God in just 20 minutes. He also talks about another car accident where his lumbar two was broken, but again, God healed him. These experiences made him question why God protected and healed him, leading him to realize that there must be more to his life than just dancing.

The Role of Social Media

In 2019, Mike walked off his job after hearing the voice of God telling him it was time for something new. He was unsure of what to do next and asked God for guidance. Eventually, his wife supported his decision, and things started falling into place. He left his job, and opportunities, including shows and a promotion for his wife, started coming in.

However, in 2020, when the pandemic hit, things slowed down, and Mike questioned if God still trusted him. During this waiting period, he served others by doing graphic design and merchandise for local artists. He would print and press t-shirts for them, even doing 20 or 30 shirts in a day to make ends meet. Mike remained diligent and consistent in his craft, participating in various challenges on social media to stay visible and sharpen his skills as an artist.

Embracing Different Genres

The waiting season taught Mike humility and helped shape him into a diverse artist. He learned not to box himself in and embraced different genres of music. His ability to rap, sing, and explore various styles has made him stand out among other artists. Social media, particularly TikTok, played a significant role in his success.

The Importance of Perseverance

Mike emphasizes the importance of not getting too attached to one post and not getting discouraged if it doesn’t perform well. He talks about the need to keep putting out content and not giving up. He credits his work ethic for his success and mentions that he always strives for excellence in everything he does.

Upcoming Projects

When asked about his upcoming projects, Mike mentions the McDonald’s Inspiration Tour and encourages people to check out his music on various platforms, including streaming services, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. He wants to leave people with the message of not giving up and staying faithful in their pursuits.


Mike’s perseverance and faithfulness are truly inspiring. Despite the challenges he has faced and the enemy’s attempts to stop him, he has not given up and continues to run his race. We are grateful for his music and encourage you all to follow and support him. Thank you for tuning in, and we look forward to bringing you more inspiring stories like Mike’s.

Mike Teezy 116 Life Ep. 40 Creativity


Mike Teezy’s Journey [00:01:05] Mike Teezy talks about his journey and how he feels blessed by God’s faithfulness and the rewards of his hard work.

Family Plans for the Holidays [00:03:15] Mike Teezy shares his plans to spend time with his family in North Carolina during the holidays.

Mike Teezy’s Background and Creativity [00:04:31] Mike Teezy introduces himself as a Christian rapper, singer, dancer, and artist, and talks about his creative journey and background in music and dance.

Discovering Gifts and Talents [00:07:28] Mike Teezy talks about how he discovered his gifts and talents, including rapping, singing, and playing the drums.

Dealing with Insecurities and Bullying [00:09:19] Mike Teezy opens up about his experiences with bullying and how it led to internalizing trauma and struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Realizing a Bigger Calling [00:13:29] After the tragic death of a friend, Mike Teezy has a moment of realization that he has a bigger calling in life and starts writing worship songs.

The triumph that came from the trauma [00:15:29] Discussion about the upcoming segment and the theme of triumph after experiencing trauma.

Mike Teezy’s miraculous healing [00:16:02] Mike Teezy shares his testimony of being run over by a drunk driver at the age of seven and miraculously being healed by God.

Starting out in Christian music [00:18:24] Mike Teezy talks about his journey into Christian music, starting with dancing and eventually transitioning into rapping and remixing popular songs.

The season of waiting [00:23:16] Mike talks about leaving his job after hearing the voice of God and the challenges he faced during the waiting period.

Working for others [00:24:07] Mike discusses how he served others by doing graphics, merchandise, and helping local artists with branding during the pandemic.

Being diverse as an artist [00:27:17] Mike talks about not allowing himself to be boxed in as an artist and being able to do various genres of music.

Don’t get too attached to one post [00:32:43] Mike discusses the lesson he learned from social media about not getting too attached to one post and the importance of consistency.

Crossing over in the music industry [00:35:37] Mike talks about his experience of crossing over into the gospel market and the opportunities he has received, including being part of the McDonald’s Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour.

The story behind “Rolled the Stone Away” [00:36:49] Mike shares the inspiration and meaning behind his song “Rolled the Stone Away,” including personal struggles and the message of redemption and healing.

The Harvest is Coming [00:39:37] Mike Teezy talks about his belief in harvest and reaping, and how he has seen it manifest in his life.

Being a Good Steward [00:40:27] Mike Teezy discusses the responsibility he feels to be a good steward of the mantle on him and ensuring his music has substance.

Don’t Be Weary in Well-Doing [00:41:39] Mike Teezy encourages listeners to not give up, to keep their hand to the plow, and to trust in God.

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