The 116 Life Episode 42: Limoblaze on Having Peace in the Storm

Hello everyone, I’m your host, Ace Harris, and today I’m excited to share with you a fascinating conversation I had with the amazing artist, Limoblaze, on our show “116 Life” on Holy Culture Radio.

A Glimpse into Limoblaze’s Life

Blaze, whose real name is Samuel O. Imo, is a Nigerian-born artist with a background in biochemistry and business management. He’s a man who loves God, people, and making music. He humbly believes that he creates great music that glorifies God.

The Nigerian Influence

Blaze grew up in Benue State, Nigeria, known as the agricultural hub of the country. Despite the peacefulness and affordability of his hometown, he also witnessed conflicts that started happening when he was around 18 or 19 years old. These experiences, along with the lack of awareness about certain conflicts like the Biafra war, shaped his perspective on faith. He learned the need for total dependence on God due to the challenging circumstances they faced.

The Leap of Faith to Lagos

Despite his parents’ initial resistance, Blaze was determined to follow his passion for music. He moved from the north to Lagos, Nigeria’s entertainment hub, to pursue his music career. He knew that Lagos was the place to be for success in the music industry, and he had already made connections there. He saved up a modest amount of money and made the move, knowing it would take his music to the next level.

The Journey as a Musician

Blaze’s journey as a musician was not without challenges. He moved to Lagos with the belief that his music career would work out, even though he faced tough days and uncertainty about where his next meal would come from. He wanted to prove to his parents that music was his calling and that he could succeed in it, despite their initial doubts.

Initially, Blaze focused on rap music but eventually transitioned to afrobeats and singing. He realized that afrobeats and singing had a broader appeal and allowed him to connect with more people. He wanted to have influence and bring the word of God to others, and he found that afrobeats and singing provided a platform for that.

The Breakthrough Year: 2023

In 2023, Blaze had a successful year, reaching milestones such as crossing 1 million monthly Spotify listeners and selling out tours. He had a feeling that this year would be a big one for him, as he had prayed for it and felt that doors were opening for him. He also had the intention to take Afro gospel music to a global audience.

The Power of Music

Blaze’s music reaches a broader audience beyond traditional Afro gospel fans. His songs contain explicit Christian content and emphasize the importance of dependency on God. He shares a powerful testimony of someone whose life was saved through his music. He emphasizes that gospel music is not just about the sound, but a movement of young people unashamed of their faith.


As we wrapped up our conversation, I was left in awe of Limoblaze’s journey and his dedication to his music and faith. His story is a testament to the power of perseverance, faith, and the transformative power of music.

Join us again on Sirius Channel 140, Holy Culture Radio, for another episode of “116 Life,” where we continue to provide insights into the lives and journeys of Christian artists.

Limoblaze alt image
Limoblaze with some of his Reach Records labelmates, Wande, Tedashii, Whatuprg, Hulvey and 1K Phew


Growing up in Nigeria (00:05:06) Discussion about his childhood in Nigeria, specifically in Benue State, and the agricultural and affordable nature of the town.

Conflict in Nigeria (00:07:40) Discussion on the conflicts that started happening in his hometown when he was around 18-19 years old, and how it desensitized the community to killings.

Violence in Africa (00:09:05) Discussion on the violence and conflicts that occur in Africa, using the example of the Biafra war and the lack of mainstream media coverage.

The Biafra Conflict (00:09:51) Discussion about the Biafra conflict in Nigeria, the lack of awareness about it, and the contrast with the attention given to other global conflicts.

Growing Up in Nigeria (00:10:30) Exploration of the experiences and challenges of growing up in Nigeria, including conflict, killings, and the lack of media attention.

Dependence on God (00:11:37) Explanation of the perspective of faith in Africa and the need for total dependence on God due to difficult life experiences, such as praying for electricity.

The journey to Lagos (00:19:39) Discussion on the decision to move to Lagos and pursue his music career, despite facing tough days and uncertainty about his next meal.

Proving a point to his parents (00:20:10) Discussion on why it was important for him to prove to his parents that pursuing music was the right path for him, even though they wanted him to become a medical doctor.

Transition to afrobeats and singing (00:21:57) Discussion about his transition from rap to afrobeats and singing, and how he realized that the melody in his music had a greater impact and allowed him to reach a wider audience.

The year 2023 and success (00:29:47) Discussion about Limoblaze’s achievements in 2023, including reaching 1 million monthly Spotify listeners and selling out tours.

The creation of “Put It On God” (00:32:12) Discussion about the process of creating the song “Put It On God” and how it came together.

The release of “Pretty Day” and collaboration with Madison Ryan Ward (00:37:10) Discussion about the inspiration behind the song “Pretty Day” and how he collaborated with Madison Ryan Ward to create a record that appeals to a global audience.

The Explicitly Christian Message (00:40:01) Discussion on how the song they are referring to has a very explicit Christian message that reaches a broader audience.

Dependency on God (00:43:18) They talk about the importance of turning people back to dependency on God rather than on material things, and how some people have been sold a false narrative of the gospel.

The Movement of Afro Gospel (00:46:28) They discuss how Afro Gospel is not just about the sound, but a movement of young people being unashamed of their faith in Jesus, and how the music carries a message and a heart to it.

Background (00:49:38) Discussion on his background and upbringing in Nigeria.

Music Career Beginnings (00:50:15) Discussion about how he started his music career and the challenges he faced.

Experiences Growing Up in Nigeria (00:52:02) Discussion on his experiences growing up in Nigeria and how they have influenced his music.

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