The 116 Life Episode 43: Own Your Faith with Logan Russell

Welcome to another exciting episode of the 116 Life where we had the pleasure of interviewing Logan Russell, a hidden gem working behind the scenes at Reach Records in the music licensing and sync licensing space. We talking faith and the changing landscape of the music industry. Let’s get started.

The Man Behind the Music

Logan Russell, our guest for the week, has been with Reach Records for eight years, primarily handling music licensing and sync licensing. He’s the man behind the scenes, pitching artists’ songs for opportunities in commercials, TV shows, and other video projects. Logan emphasizes the importance of properly registering and licensing music and his role in securing placements.

His journey to Reach Records wasn’t a smooth one. He initially applied for an internship and got denied. However, he didn’t let this setback deter him. He applied again, got accepted, and faced the challenges of finding housing and the nervousness of relocating head-on.

The Changing Landscape of the Music Industry

In our conversation, we discussed the changing landscape of the music industry, specifically in regards to sync licensing. In the past, artists having their music used in commercials or partnered with brands was seen as “selling out.” However, in the streaming era, sync licensing offers new opportunities for artists to make money and be creative.

Faith, Music, and Resilience

Logan’s upbringing was deeply rooted in faith and music. He grew up in a household where his parents were believers and attended church. His faith became his own in eighth grade, and in high school, he started listening to hip hop music.

Despite facing health challenges, including stomach issues in elementary school and being diagnosed with type one diabetes in his freshman year, Logan credits these experiences with bringing him closer to God and relying on Him for strength. His resilience is truly inspiring.

The Journey at Reach Records

Logan’s early days at Reach Records were humble, starting by sweeping floors. He was happy to be there, adding value to the company in his own way. His boss, Ben, pushed him to do more than just be his assistant. This led to opportunities to work on licensing placements and help artists create value in their music outside of streaming.

Career Highlights and the Power of Christian Music

Logan’s career has seen some significant highlights, including placements in commercials and films. He mentions the Tadashi song in an Apple commercial, the partnership with the film “Blue Miracle,” and placements in a Pizza Hut commercial and the Gran Turismo movie.

Logan believes that Christian music has the potential to have a broader impact beyond the church. He suggests that Christian songs can be crafted in a way that appeals to a wider audience, with more general lyrics in the chorus and the freedom to express specific Christian beliefs in the verses.

The Birth of “Lo-fi Sunday”

Our conversation also touched on “lo-fi Sunday,” a playlist of lo-fi music curated by Logan and the Reach Records team. Born out of his interest in producing lo-fi beats, this playlist provides a sense of rest and relaxation. Logan has connected with an international community of Christian lo-fi producers, further expanding the reach of this genre.

Trusting God’s Plan

Logan’s journey is a testament to the importance of trusting God’s plan and timing. He encourages listeners to embrace the process and remain focused on what God has called them to do.

As we wrapped up our conversation, we couldn’t help but appreciate Logan’s contributions to Reach Records and the music industry. His journey is a testament to resilience, faith, and the power of music.

Stay tuned for more insightful conversations on the 116 Life podcast. Until then, keep trusting the process and stay focused on your calling.

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