“Bendiciones with the incredible WHATUPRG” – The 116 Life Ep. 20

The young legend Whatuprg joins Ace Harris and DJ Mykael V to discuss the journey of New Hollywood, depression, redemption and Benedicion.

RG admits he has always gravitated towards music since he was a child.  He fell in love music after his first performance at seven years old.  With his supportive parents working long hours, the family funded his first album.  “Man, that support is everything.  I wouldn’t be where I’m at without my parents.  I thank God.”  The rest as they say is CHH history. 

Behind the curtain

During his first release on Reach Records RG found himself fighting for his vision.  Pleasant Hill was his labor of love.  “I just didn’t want to do what everybody else was doing.  From the jump I want to come out the gate with something different.  That’s an accurate expression of who I am.  And I think I’ve carried that throughout my career.”

 That’s why, he says, he is so proud of the EP.  “I channeled everything I was going through.  I was dealing with things.  But on the other side, I fought for the creative and the sound and what it going to feel like.  I never want to do something that’s not me.  I want to make something that authentic to who I am.  And whoever connects with it will connect with it in a deeper way.”

New Hollywood: you don’t have to act here – Whatuprg

With New Hollywood, RG admits the project took longer than anticipated because he was struggling with some things.  “You don’t have to pretend you got it all together.  You don’t have to act like you don’t have things you’re wrestling with.  It took so long because I was genuinely having these conversations.  And dealing with things head on.” 

RG bravely admits he was battling the bottle, drinking heavily and dealing with guilt and shame.  “I’m on Unashamed going back to my bunk, like dang I don’t deserve to be here.  Who I am as a child of God doesn’t change because of what I’m going through.  I didn’t know it was going to be all that when I started it.  I think God was working on my heart as I was working on the album.”


With his new project Bendicion RG is coming full circle.  Finally, out of the depression, he says he was able to have fun while creating especially being able to rap in his native tongue, Spanish.  “I didn’t do it sooner just because I didn’t know how to express the things I was going through. And I never want to make music for the sake of making music.  I want to do something that’s real to where I’m at right now.  And Bendicion was that.”

Another one of RG’s blessings is digital art.  He’s designed covers for others artists including Nobigdyl, Hulvey and Ty Brasel.  “It’s just something I enjoy.  I’ve just been helping my friends out and now slowing launching Free Sundays to help other people.  I want to help other people develop their brands and ideas.  And create the best art and content that we can.”

The young legend is grateful for every last one of his blessings, from his parents, to his Reach Records family and of course the people who rock with him.  No dates yet, but be on the look out for Heaven on Earth. 

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