Bink – Blue Skies

This video is the official visualizer for Blue Skies. Blue Skies is the mixtape created by Bink. As far as musicians are concerned Bink certainly has a style that sets her leagues above and beyond everyone else in this genre. Her style of rapping leans more towards a poetical style. The beats and the music in the song are good. The background has an upbeat, positive type of vibe to it. The music does not distract from her fierce style. In fact, with a poetical type of rap style, you can focus better on the lyrics. There’s more emphasis on the words and messages.

Bink is another artist that is on the rise. Being that she’s a female Christian rap artist is an exceptional thing. She not only proclaims gospel messages, but she’s also serving as a role model for young women today. Her music not only inspires Christians and the youth today. She’s showing young girls to be confident and to use their talents to help spread the news about God and his kingdom.

Inspirational and positive role models like Bink are lacking in society today. Hopefully, more artists like her can change that. With each new song or album that’s released the future generations hear their positive messages and learn from their examples. Bink not only inspires people with her songs. She inspires them with her personality and actions. We can expect a lot of great things from her as a musician and an individual.