Faith & Fitness: Proven Metabolism Hacks Revealed and Jerrelle Golden talks Hip Hop

Hello everyone! I’m your host, DJ Focus, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to another exciting episode of Da Fixx. Alongside my co-host, Dice Gamble, we’re discussing faith and fitness, hip hop and culture, and how these elements intertwine in our daily lives.

A Warm Welcome and a Teaser for the Show

We’re excited to delve into some intriguing topics today, including how to speed up your metabolism and avoid plastic surgery. We believe in the importance of self-love and taking care of oneself, both mentally and physically.

Spiritual Detox with Jerrelle Golden

We’re also thrilled to introduce our spiritual detox segment, where we’ll be interviewing Christian hip hop artist Jerrelle Golden. We’ll explore his faith journey and upcoming projects. We’ll also touch on the recent trend of people wearing latex body suits and masks in public. While this may make some people uncomfortable, we believe in the importance of compassion, understanding, and open conversations.

Music and More

Stay tuned for some fantastic music on the show, including tracks by Kirk Franklin, Lecrae, and Tasha Cobbs. But first, let’s dive into our conversation with Jared Golden.

Jerrelle Golden: Faith, Music, and Transformation

Jerrelle Golden may still be considered an underground artist in the music industry, but his faith journey is nothing short of inspiring. He grew up in a church but didn’t have a personal relationship with Christ until 2013. His transformation from the Mormon faith to a strong relationship with the Lord is a testament to his spiritual journey. We also discuss the importance of strong accountability partners and the balance between judgment and accountability in the church.

Speeding Up Metabolism: The Real Talk

Jerrelle Golden: Influences and Impact

Jerrelle shares his music inspirations, including artists like The Brat, Jay-Z, and 116. He believes that Christian hip hop has evolved from poetry and inward emotions to becoming a part of people’s DNA. He also shares insights from his book, “Transparency,” based on his latest album of the same name.

Boosting Metabolism: The Cheat Codes

Dice and I delve into our real talk topic on boosting metabolism. Contrary to popular belief, good metabolism isn’t just about genetics. It can be enhanced through various methods and lifestyle choices.

Dice shares some cheat codes for boosting metabolism. It’s not about having the perfect body but feeling energized and healthy. He emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s own body and finding what works best for them. He recommends high-intensity workouts, healthy fats, and avoiding refined sugars. He also highlights the significance of sleep in allowing the body to heal and burn fat.

Eating Habits and Metabolism

Dice emphasizes the importance of eating small, frequent meals every 2-3 hours to keep the body fueled and encourage fat burning. She also advises listeners to incorporate spicy foods into their diet, as they can increase metabolism and burn extra calories.

Fitness, Gut Health and Metabolism

Dice shares tips on how to improve gut health. He encourages listeners to eat more raw vegetables, as they are fibrous and require more energy to break down, thus boosting metabolism. He also highlights the benefits of regular exercise and fresh air.

Taking Responsibility for Health

Dice and I discuss the importance of taking responsibility for one’s health. We caution against continuously consuming fatty foods, salt, and sugary treats, as it can lead to serious health issues. We also express our admiration for Jerrelle Golden, a Christian artist who overcame drug addiction and homelessness.

Wrapping Up

As we conclude this episode, we tease our upcoming discussion on “Tip Toe Tuesday Real Talk.” It will be a conversation focused on married individuals, but singles can also listen in. We promise a lively and insightful discussion. Until then, take care of your bodies, embrace your faith, and keep the conversation going.

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Faith & Fitness: Proven Metabolism Hacks Revealed and Jerrelle Golden talks Hip Hop


The real talk topic: Speeding up metabolism [00:01:49] Tips on how to speed up metabolism and avoid plastic surgery for weight loss.

The spiritual detox featuring Jerrelle Golden [00:03:37] Interview with Christian hip hop artist Jerrelle Golden about his faith story and upcoming projects.

The news about people wearing latex body suits and masks in public [00:03:57] Discussion about a new trend of people wearing latex body suits and masks in public and the need for understanding and compassion.

The backstory of Jerrelle Golden’s faith journey [00:10:51] Jerrelle Golden shares his faith journey, growing up in a church but not having a personal relationship with Christ until 2013.

Leaving the Mormon faith [00:12:17] Jerrelle Golden talks about how he was a Latter-Day Saint for three years before feeling convicted to study and compare his faith, leading him to leave the Mormon faith.

The importance of accountability partners [00:17:46] Jerrelle Golden emphasizes the importance of having strong biblical accountability partners for mental health and spiritual growth.

The importance of personal accountability [00:21:14] Discussion on how believers and non-believers perceive judgment and conviction differently.

The influence of music inspirations [00:22:36] DJ Focus asks Christian hip hop artist Jerrelle Golden about his musical inspirations and how he got involved in music.

The impact of hip hop culture after 50 years [00:24:51] Jerrelle Golden shares his thoughts on the state of hip hop culture, both mainstream and Christian, after 50 years of its existence.

Boosting Metabolism and Energy [00:33:18] Discussion on how to increase energy levels and speed up metabolism through water intake and exercise.

Understanding Metabolism and Personalized Diets [00:34:17] Explanation of metabolism and the importance of finding a personalized diet and exercise routine that works for each individual.

Exercise and Sleep for Metabolism Boost [00:38:06] Importance of high-intensity exercise, weightlifting, and getting enough sleep to boost metabolism and burn fat.

Speeding up metabolism [00:43:06] Intermittent fasting and feeding the body every couple of hours to burn fat and boost metabolism.

Eating on a schedule [00:48:58] Importance of spacing out meals and giving the body fuel to burn fat.

Spicy food and metabolism [00:52:14] Eating spicy food or peppers can burn extra calories and boost metabolism.

  • Boosting Metabolism [00:52:40] Tips on boosting metabolism, including eating spicy food, lean meats, and raw vegetables.
  • Gut Health and Detox [00:53:28] The importance of gut health, eating fermented foods, and the benefits of raw vegetables for detoxification.
  • Fresh Air and Oxygen [00:58:47] The significance of getting fresh air and oxygen for overall health, including opening windows and going outside for a walk.

Speeding up metabolism and healthy eating [01:02:20] Discussion on the importance of eating healthy and avoiding excessive sugars and fatty foods to prevent health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Spiritual detox and overcoming struggles [01:03:52] Highlighting the story of Christian hip hop artist Jerrelle Golden, who overcame drug addiction, homelessness, and mental health issues through his faith in God.