Chase Christian & J. List Premiere “3rd Day” Official Video

3rd Day is a new track on the Christian rap charts. It features the collaborative efforts of Chase Christian and J. List. This track and music video made their debut just a few days ago. It is a powerful testimony that we all need to hear. It touches not only on the singer’s personal experiences and life experiences but, it is a message that is relevant to all. 

Aside from being a truly phenomenal piece of music, this is a message that all will take to heart and learn from in some way- from having amazing beats and powerful lyrics, this track reflects on the importance of Jesus in our lives. Whether we have good days or bad days it shows us that having Jesus on our side, putting our faith in Him can help us get through those tough times.

In essence, it is a testament to His power and the fact that nothing is impossible for God. All we have to do is put our faith and trust in Him and we can rise up above any situation thanks to His help. It is artists like Chase Christian and J. List that are really changing the whole Christian Rap and Hip Hop genre. They are using their talents in a way that not only brings glory to God but can inspire the whole next generation of individuals out there.

They are proclaiming messages of hope and faith in ways that are relatable to the listeners. As each generation grows and evolves so does their styles and their taste. By coming out with fresh new tracks like this one, the singers are able to constantly appeal to the ever-changing audience and musical landscape. That being said this track overall is phenomenal, from being an extraordinary piece of music to listen to, to being a message of hope and faith. 

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