The 116 Life Ep. 53: Pointing Back to The Throne with Scootie Wop

Hey family, welcome to another episode of Reach Records The 116 Life. This episode Meah Evans is in the driver’s seat, riding solo. Her guest this week was the young powerhouse Scootie Wop, a musician, producer, and artist who has been making waves with his project “Super Duper Crunk Tape.”

Growing in Faith and Creativity

Scootie Wop was giving infectious energy and shared his focus for the year: to grow in his knowledge of God’s heart and to spread His word. Here recently, he’s been immersing himself in Christian content, from books and podcasts to movies, to deepen his understanding of the Creator. He stressed the importance of staying connected with God through reading the Bible and listening to uplifting music.

When asked about the content that has been touching his heart, Scootie Wop mentioned two books that had had a real impact on him: “The Leader’s Cut” by Preston Morris and “The Fear of God” by John Bevere. He also finds inspiration in the hearts of younger artists in the music space, whose passion and dedication are a source of motivation for him.

Personal Reflections and Career Insights

Meah took a moment to celebrate Scootie Wop’s recent milestones, including his marriage and the success he’s found in his music career. He opened up about the challenges he’s faced, including moments of feeling hypocritical, and how marriage has brought him back to a place of humility.

Scootie Wop also talked about the evolution of his artistry and business savvy. He’s been taking both aspects more seriously, navigating the challenges and rewards that come with such dedication. His humility shines through as he talks about the importance of asking questions and seeking guidance from industry veterans.

Musical Influences and Early Life

The conversation then turned to Scootie Wop’s diverse musical influences, which range from hip-hop and gospel to underground and ambient music. He shared the names of artists and producers who have inspired his journey, illustrating the landscape that shaped his sound.

Meah and Scootie also discussed his upbringing in a military household, the frequent moves, and the challenges of growing up in a Pentecostal family. The rapper was candid about his resentment towards the church during a difficult period in his family’s life, which led to a rebellious phase, gang activities, and the loss of a close friend. He also shared the profound impact of a life-threatening injury and drug abuse on had on him.

Engaging with Fans and Challenging the Status Quo

Scootie Wop and Meah explored the importance of genuine interactions with fans and the inspiration behind his music. He’s passionate about challenging the status quo in Christian hip hop by promoting creativity and authenticity. His concept of “ghetto lullabies” aims to provide comfort and encourage through his art.

We also talked about the Star Baby Family community, which Scootie Wop founded to uplift and support artists, promote fashion and streetwear, and provide a platform for emerging artists through initiatives like SBF Radio. The community’s vision is centered on inclusivity, creativity, and genuine connections.

Vision for the Future and Aspirations for a Legacy

As they wrapped up the conversation, Scootie Wop shared his vision for his career and the impact he wants to make in the music industry and beyond. He’s focused on artist development, fashion apparel, and community events, all underpinned by a commitment to inclusivity and giving back.

Scootie Wop‘s mission: to be the “people’s champ,” drawing inspiration from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He aspires to create a legacy of inclusivity and generosity, to be remembered as someone who was willing to share his time and knowledge with others.

At just 25 years old, Scootie Wop acknowledges that his legacy will continue to evolve. He feels a responsibility to make a positive impact and hopes to be remembered for his giving spirit and support for others.

Final Thoughts on The 116 Life

Thank you, family, for tuning in to this episode of the 116 Life. Your support means the world to us. Please leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts on the show. See you next episode. God bless.

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Scootie Wop with his wife
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Young Scootie Wop (00:00:00) Introduction to the episode and background on the special guest, Scootie Wop.

Scootie Wop’s 2024 Focus (00:01:26) Scootie Wop’s focus on personal growth and spiritual development in 2024.

Scootie Wop’s Content Consumption (00:02:37) Scootie Wop discusses the Christian content he has been consuming, including books, podcasts, and music.

Scootie Wop’s Career and Personal Growth (00:04:35) Scootie Wop reflects on the challenges and growth in his music career and personal life.

Changes in Artistry and Business (00:07:21) Scootie Wop discusses the changes in his artistry and the importance of taking his business seriously.

Influences and Musical Inspiration (00:10:58) Scootie Wop shares his musical influences and inspirations from various genres and artists.

Young Scooty Wop’s Early Life (00:14:37) Scooty Wop reflects on his childhood, military upbringing, and early experiences with faith and church.

Challenges and Spiritual Awakening (00:20:31) Scootie Wop shares the challenges and pivotal moments that led to his spiritual awakening and finding faith.

The journey to faith (00:21:35) Scootie Wop shares his transformative journey and commitment to his faith.

Navigating hypocrisy in the church (00:22:40) Scootie Wop discusses his awareness of hypocrisy in the church and the influence he has on others.

Balancing humility and praise (00:23:35) Scootie Wop talks about the balance between receiving praise and remaining humble in leadership roles.

The allure of gang culture (00:24:51) Scootie Wop reflects on the appeal of gangs and the sense of family they provide for those from single-parent homes.

The power of brotherhood (00:26:45) Scootie Wop discusses the impact of having a supportive brotherhood and the challenges they face.

Christian hip hop critique (00:29:45) Scootie Wop shares his perspective on the critique of Christian hip hop by Noelle Miller and Cody Co.

Elevating Christian hip hop (00:30:29) Scootie Wop emphasizes the need for elevating the standard and creativity in Christian hip hop content.

Ghetto Lullabies: A soothing project (00:34:52) Scootie Wop explains the inspiration behind his project “Ghetto Lullabies” and its purpose in soothing souls.

Evolution of Scooty Wop’s music (00:37:08) Scootie Wop discusses his evolving music style and the balance between different genres.

Star Baby Family’s mission (00:38:07) Scootie Wop shares the mission behind Star Baby Family, emphasizing individual uniqueness and value.

Expanding creative ventures (00:40:04) Scootie Wop discusses the expansion of creative ventures, including fashion and SB Family Radio, to support emerging artists.

A&R Artist Development and Fashion Apparel (00:42:36) Scootie Wop discusses his plans for A&R artist development and fashion apparel, including kickback events for sharing music and networking.

Overcoming Challenges and Comparison (00:43:21) Scootie Wop shares his initial challenges and comparisons with other artists, highlighting the importance of perseverance and self-belief.

Legacy and Mission Statement (00:44:43) Scootie Wop reflects on his mission statement to be the “people’s champ” and his desire to leave a legacy of inclusivity and giving back.

Social Media and Closing Remarks (00:46:14) Scootie Wop shares his social media handles and the host wraps up the episode, expressing gratitude to the audience for tuning in.

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