The Writing’s on the Wall: Hip Hop, Church, and the Streets Unite

Welcome to another episode of Church on the Block as we continue the series that celebrates two significant milestones: 50 years of hip hop and 45 years of unwavering commitment to loving God and loving people at Lawndale Christian Community Church.

A Sermon of Significance: Pastor Phil Jackson’s Insightful Message

Pastor Phil Jackson, a man of deep faith and understanding, shared a powerful sermon titled “The Writing’s on the Wall,” drawing from the biblical story of King Belshazzar from the Book of Daniel. The narrative of King Belshazzar, who was weighed on the scales and found wanting, serves as a stark reminder of the perils of pride and the importance of humility.

In his sermon, Pastor Phil eloquently drew parallels between the ancient king’s story and the choices we face in our daily lives. He urged us to recognize the signs that God presents to us, warning against the dangers of ignoring these divine messages. The central theme was clear: we must confront our issues head-on, not allowing pride or the pursuit of significance to hold us back from the path God has laid out for us.

Embracing Humility and God’s Guidance

The message was not just about recognizing our shortcomings but also about the necessity of surrendering to God’s will. Pastor Phil used the vivid analogy of an eagle struggling to hold onto a fish to illustrate the futility of clinging to pride. He emphasized that true strength lies in our ability to let go and trust in God’s guidance, rather than relying solely on our personal abilities.

Hip Hop, the Church, and the Streets: A Cultural Intersection

The episode wasn’t solely focused on biblical teachings; it also explored the impact of hip hop culture and its intricate connection to the church and the streets. Pastah J shared how hip hop has influenced our community and the role the church plays in this cultural landscape.

Personal Anecdotes and Contemporary Reflections

Throughout the episode, both Pastor Phil and Pastah J shared personal stories and reflections that resonates with our listeners. Pastah J recounted a harrowing tale of gun violence in his neighborhood, highlighting the devastating effects it had on the community. This personal touch brought the sermon’s themes to life, emphasizing the real-world implications of our spiritual and moral choices.

A Challenge to Live Out the Gospel

The sermon also highlighted the distinction between mere religion and the transformative power of the gospel. Pastor Phil challenged us to consider how our lives impact others and the importance of being clear and legible representations of God’s love in the world. It’s a call to action for all of us to live in a way that truly reflects the teachings of Christ.

Transforming Minds and Hearts

Pastah J’s reflections on the need for a new mindset, drawing from 1 Corinthians 13, were particularly impactful. He spoke about the necessity of putting away childish things and embracing a life of love. His powerful words on the destructive nature of guns and the deep pain caused by shootings were a sobering reminder of the transformation that needs to happen within our hearts and minds.

An Invitation to Continue the Journey

As the episode wrapped up, Pastah J extended an invitation to the listeners to join Church on the Block for more discussions on the intersection of hip hop, the church, and the streets. It’s a journey we’re all on together, seeking to understand and live out the message of love and transformation that is so desperately needed in our communities.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line, “The Writing’s on the Wall” is more than just a sermon title; it’s a wake-up call for all of us to heed the messages God is sending our way. It’s about recognizing the signs, embracing humility, and allowing God to guide our decisions. As we reflect on the powerful themes discussed in this episode, let’s carry these lessons forward and strive to live lives that honor God and positively impact those around us.

Thank you for tuning into Church on the Block, and we look forward to seeing you next episode. Until then, let’s keep the faith, spread love, and stay true to the message written on the wall.

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Prelude to the Sermon (00:00:12) Introduction to the series celebrating hip hop and loving God, and update on Pastor Phil’s and DJ Ruckus’ trip to Ghana.

Hip Hop and Graffiti (00:02:15) Discussion of the history of graffiti in hip hop culture and its significance.

Gratitude and Accountability (00:03:18) Expressing gratitude and the importance of accountability in relationships and ministry.

Confronting Pride (00:07:41) Challenging the audience to confront pride and the cost of seeking significance over surrendering to God.

The Story of King Belshazzar (00:10:03) Narration of the biblical story of King Belshazzar and its parallels to pride and humility in modern life.

Belshazzar’s Party (00:13:32) Discussion of King Belshazzar’s extravagant and reckless behavior, and its relevance to pride and ignorance.

The Writing on the Wall (00:17:18) Interpretation of the biblical story of the writing on the wall and the consequences of pride and ignorance.

The Queen Mother’s Intervention (00:20:32) The significance of seeking wisdom from God and the relevance of scripture in making life choices.

Daniel’s Robes and Belshazzar’s History (00:21:41) Daniel’s refusal of the king’s gifts and recounting of Belshazzar’s history.

Nebuchadnezzar’s Punishment (00:22:35) Daniel recounts Nebuchadnezzar’s punishment and the sovereignty of the Most High God.

God’s Rule and Choices (00:23:18) The importance of acknowledging God’s rule and considering the impact of one’s choices.

Recognizing God’s Discipline (00:24:43) Reflecting on how far pride can take someone and the consequences of neglecting important decisions.

The Writing on the Wall (00:25:39) The significance of paying attention to the messages and lessons presented in one’s life.

Legibility of Life (00:26:38) Analogizing graffiti art to the legibility of one’s life and the importance of surrendering to God.

Dying to Oneself (00:27:45) The concept of dying to oneself and living through the power of the Son of God.

Surrendering to God (00:28:47) The importance of surrendering to God and being obedient to His will.

Religion vs. the Gospel (00:33:09) Differentiating between a religious perspective and living in the gospel through surrendering to God.

Eagle’s Metaphor (00:34:37) Using the metaphor of an eagle struggling with a fish to illustrate the challenge of surrendering to God.

Reflecting God’s Image (00:36:23) Reflecting on the writing on the walls of our lives and surrendering to God’s will.

Leaving an Imprint (00:38:22) The impact of leaving an imprint in the world and leading people to or away from God.

Guns Are Not Toys (00:40:07) A narrative on the impact of gun violence in the neighborhood and the importance of recognizing its gravity.

Love and Maturity (00:42:55) Discussion on the need for a renewed mind and putting away childish behavior.

Closing Remarks (00:43:55) Announcement of the next episode and sign-off.

Gratitude and Invitation (00:44:01) Thanking listeners and inviting them to join for the next episode.

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