indie tribe – SLIDIN (nobigdyl x Mogli the Iceburg x Jon Keith) 

“SLIDIN” is a song by the indie tribe collective, featuring nobigdyl. Mogli the Iceburg, and Jon Keith. The song tells a story of personal growth, overcoming adversity, and finding success while staying true to one’s values. Here’s a synopsis of the song:

In the opening, we hear a casual conversation as the artists prepare to lay down their verses. The upbeat and energetic chorus, led by Jon Keith, sets the tone for the song. He reflects on his journey, emphasizing how his life has taken a positive turn. Once struggling, he’s now thriving and embracing his newfound success with humility.

Jon Keith’s first verse delves deeper into his past, mentioning his struggles and the importance of self-worth. He also touches on his family and the promises he made to them. Despite the challenges, he’s determined to make it in the music industry and provide for his loved ones.

Mogli the Iceburg takes the second verse and begins by acknowledging his past mistakes and how he once lost his way. He reflects on a period of darkness but ultimately finds redemption in his faith and his marriage. He highlights the transformative power of love and spirituality, using his experiences to inspire others.

nobigdyl. closes the song with a verse that delves into his childhood and the difficulties he faced growing up. He was a victim of bullying and discrimination but eventually found solace in his faith and confession. He emphasizes the healing and liberation that came from opening up about his struggles and acknowledges the divine timing in his life.

Throughout the song, the chorus reinforces the theme of growth and transformation, symbolized by going from “slipping” to “sliding.” The artists emphasize that despite the challenges they’ve faced, they’ve remained true to their values and are now shining bright in their respective careers.

“SLIDIN” is a triumphant anthem that celebrates personal development and resilience, reminding listeners that even in the face of adversity, they can overcome and shine.