Nicky Gracious – Stand up

Nicky Gracious
debut single, “Stand Up”

Nicky Gracious Releases debut single, “Stand Up”
Picked up by RiP Records after going viral on Facebook

Overview of the Project

12/7/20 – Recording Artist Nicky Gracious releases his debut single, “Stand Up,” after a video of him freestyling the un-recorded song goes viral on Facebook. Nicholas Greathouse, who goes by the stage name Nicky Gracious, found himself a little bit of fame when his sister recorded an on-the-fly video of him spitting a song he wrote when he was in prison. It was unrehearsed and when it was posted to Facebook he had no idea what was about to transpire.
The video has organically amassed 850k views and 16k shares so far and has reached people all across the globe who have reached out in desperation and hope; one person who was on the verge of suicide before being tagged in Nicky’s video right before he was about to end it, as Nicky Gracious explains on 93.1 Jamz’s Krista and The Morning Rush radio show interview.
“Stand Up” talks of a troubling past dealing with drug addiction, mental illness, suicidal thoughts, and spending half of his life in prison before being met by the saving Grace of Jesus Christ.
Nicky Gracious is currently working with GRAMMY-considered Christian recording artist Rip of RiP Records to release the single and music video for “Stand Up.”
The Official Music Video for “Stand Up” is currently in production.

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