Brady “Phanatik” Goodwin, Denounces Christianity (Legendary Cross Movement Member)

On January 17th, The Phanatik, a member of The Cross Movement, posted a video, Unbecoming A Believer: Are the Rumors true. Within the video, he shares his heart and the journey that led him to denouncing Christianity.

Within this post, we hope to keep you abreast of things happening with the Christian Hip-Hop community, but without editorializing, share the facts and the hearts of many that we know and love within this community as well. More importantly, we pray that you also watch the response videos that press upon our need to keep the faith and pray for our brother.

The Phanatik denounces Christianity

As expected, there have been many comments about The Phantik’s denouncement of Christianity. Most notable are those from other Cross Movement members. As usual, John “The Tonic” Wells (aka Uncle Johnny) provides thoughtful counsel to the community.

William “The Ambassador” Branch (aka Duece, aka The Professor) responds with words of encouragement and a focus on keeping the faith.

We are prayerful for our brother Brady and this community. We will do our best to keep you up to date here. Additionally, you can follow The Phanatik on Facebook.

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