The 116 Life Ep. 24 – Fullness in Gods Purpose with Childlike CiCi, Reece Lache and Toyalove

The Power of Faith and Music: Inspiring a Generation

Hey everyone! Watch this incredible podcast episode featuring DJ Mykael V and three amazing women in the music industry – Toya Love, Childlike CiCi, and Reece Lache. They shared their backgrounds, love for hip hop, and how their faith influences their music and helps them walk in their purpose. Trust me, it’s a conversation you don’t want to miss!

First off, they talked about their backgrounds, and it was fascinating to hear about their different roots. Toya Love and Childlike CiCi are originally from the Carolinas, while Reece Lache hails from a small town in Louisiana. I was amazed to learn that Toya Love’s town only had one stoplight and no Walmart! Can you imagine having to travel ten miles just to get your Walmart fix? It really puts things into perspective.

Moving on to their love for hip hop, Childlike CiCi shared that she has always been involved in music, thanks to her Brooklyn roots. Each of the femcees made an interesting transition from making secular music to creating faith-based music. The talented three all felt a calling from God to shift her focus and make music that glorifies His kingdom. It’s inspiring to see artists who are unafraid to follow their faith and create music that aligns with their values.

Speaking of values, they also touched upon the importance of offering alternative music options for kids growing up in their communities. They highlighted the need for diverse perspectives and genres within Christian music to inspire and uplift young listeners. Toya Love even shared a heartwarming story about a Juneteenth event and being invited to perform. The impact they had on those kids’ lives made all the effort worthwhile.

Finding purpose through music

Childlike CiCi opened up about her personal journey, leaving social media and rediscovering her passion for music. She believes that God honors those who choose to follow Him and wants to change the perspective of a generation, especially young women. It’s amazing to see artists like her using their platform to inspire and empower others.

The conversation also dove into the impact of living a life of faith and making music. They all agreed that it has made their lives better and filled them with a sense of purpose. They emphasized that living for God doesn’t mean giving up enjoyment but finding true freedom and having a great time.

They also discussed the significance of women in hip hop and how their presence can inspire young girls. We wrapped up the episode by discussing the impact of living a life of faith and making music. The guests shared how it has made their lives better and helped them overcome the messiness of their past. They emphasized that living for God doesn’t mean giving up.

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Timecode references:

[00:00:00] Introduction and Welcome DJ Mykael V introduces himself as the host and mentions that Ace is absent due to the birth of his baby boy. He then introduces the other guests, Toya Love, Childlike CiCi, and Reece Lache.

[00:00:53] Background and Hometowns DJ Mykael V asks the guests about their backgrounds and hometowns. They discuss being from Brooklyn, the Carolinas, and Louisiana. They also mention the small population of their hometowns.

[00:02:10] Love for Hip Hop The guests talk about their love for hip hop and how it has always been a part of their lives. They mention being involved in music, playing instruments, and writing raps from a young age.

Writing Different Music [00:08:40] Toy Love discusses her decision to write different music that is motivational and positive, rather than conforming to the negative themes prevalent in the industry.

Offering Alternatives for Kids [00:09:26] The speakers discuss the importance of providing alternative music options for kids, particularly in communities where detrimental music is prevalent.

Faith and Music [00:12:47] Toya Love shares her journey of faith and how it influenced her decision to transition from secular to Christian music.

Shift in Music Career [00:17:23] Reece Lache discusses her decision to leave her music career and how she was called back to it after walking with God.

Motivation as Christian Artists [00:21:14] Childlike CiCi shares her mission to change the perspective of a generation and inspire young women to be successful without compromising their faith.

Impact of Fatherlessness [00:24:27] Reece Lache opens up about growing up without a father and how it has affected her view of God, discussing the importance of recognizing and adjusting those perceptions.

Living a Life of Purpose [00:28:21] The guests discuss how their lives have improved since embracing their faith and pursuing Christian hip hop.

Having Fun in Christ [00:29:44] The guests express their happiness and enjoyment in living for God and emphasize that being a Christian doesn’t mean sacrificing fun and enjoyment.

Unity and Variety in the Summer Playlist [00:33:19] The guests discuss the significance of the summer playlist in showcasing unity among artists and providing a platform for diverse musical styles and talents.

[00:37:21] Discussion about changing and improving music.

[00:38:26] The responsibility and standard of being part of the Christian hip hop movement.

[00:39:44] Advice for young fans and artists on building a genuine relationship with God and serving in the church.

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