Tedashii snaps on the radio (MMA)

Tedashii snaps on the radio and then releases the new single “MMA Freestyle.”

The song is a hard-hitting, vulnerable straight-up rap record speaking to the daily war we face against the enemy and the choice to keep going.

It’s no secret that Tedashii has been through a lot in his life. He’s a living example that no matter what life throws at you, if you’re still here, it is for a reason. Tedashii has always been vulnerable about his struggles sharing about the loss of his one-year-old son Chase on “Below Paradise” and more recently on his latest EP, “This Time Around 2,” being vulnerable about his own self-esteem on the introspective track “Mirror Talk.” Whether it is through his music or on social media, Tedashii is a beacon of hope for those going through tough times themselves. Produced by Carvello, “MMA Freestyle” builds on this story as Tedashii shares more of his personal struggle through complex cadences and word play, all the while acknowledging God’s love and favor in all of it.

After sharing this clip of the freestyle on K104FM last week, A Dallas-based mainstream hip hop and R&B radio station, Tedashii officially announced the release of the song yesterday, saying, “The higher you rise the stronger the wind. So the loftier your life, the stronger the opposition. This song is about the fight against constant resistance.”

Following the release of his single “Texas Pete” on the Reach Records Summer Twenty-Three with Lecrae and Trip Lee, pointing back to the days they occupied the city of Houston with a young and fiery passion to unashamedly represent the gospel through Hip Hop, “MMA Freestyle” is Tedashii’s second release of 2023 and solidifies that he can hang with the best of them.

Tedashii has explored various sounds in his career. Records like “Dum Dum” or “Go Hard” early in his career showed his natural ability to rap and his hunger to share the gospel. More recently, records like “Gotta Live” ft Jordan Feliz and “Holy Ground” from his latest EP, “This Time Around 2,” explore a wider variety of styles like electronic dance and afrobeat. Tedashii has always been someone inspired by all genres of music and felt called to create in those different lanes.

However, first with “Texas Pete” and now with “MMA Freestyle,” Tedashii is making it known that the rapper he came to be known as is very much still here, and he has a story to tell.