The 116 Life Ep. 17: Hulvey’s Heartwarming Journey

This episode really touched our hearts. Special guest Hulvey talks about his upbringing in Brunswick, Georgia, and how it shaped him into the person he is today. He grew up in a trailer with hardworking parents who were paraprofessionals in the school system. Despite the challenges, he developed a hunger to prove himself and a love for hip hop that would eventually lead him to a record deal with Reach Records.

Growing up Hulvey

Hulvey grew up in a deep pocket in the southeast region of Georgia, near St. Simon’s Island and Savannah. While his parents worked hard to provide for their family, they were excellent budgeters. He also discusses his experiences trying out for the basketball team in middle and high school. Repeatedly being cut gave him a chip on his shoulder and a desire to prove himself.

Ace shares how they discovered the Hulvey’s music. After a year of sending music back and forth, Ace rallied up a team of people, including Lecrae and Marcus Hollinger, to sign Hulvey to a record deal. They discuss how they tracked the metrics of Hulvey’s music and made a business decision to sign him based on his talent and heart for the Lord.

Signing to Reach Records

However, Hulvey’s signing to the Reach Records artist roster was not without its challenges. Ace expresses regret for not preparing the existing artists on the roster for the addition of the newly signed rapper, which caused tension and hurt feelings. The team eventually paused the guest speaker’s rollout for two months to allow for better preparation and relationship building. Despite the initial tension, the experience ultimately brought Hulvey closer to the team and created mutual respect.

Hulvey says he was meant to be at Reach Records and that his relationship with God was what brought him through the challenges he faced. Hulvey admits to caring about people’s opinions, but ultimately knew that he had a purpose and was a part of something bigger. He credits the encouragement and reminders from people like Ace, Scott, and Marcus for helping him stay the course and fulfill the prophetic things that he felt the Holy Spirit had in store for him.

This episode is a reminder that our upbringing and experiences shape us into the people we are today. It’s also a testament to the power of perseverance and faith in the face of challenges. As Hulvey says, “I knew I was meant to be here. I knew I was meant to do this.”

If you want to hear more about Hulvey and the dynamics of the Reach Records team, be sure to listen to this episode in its entirety. It’s a powerful reminder that we all have a purpose and a part to play in something bigger than ourselves.

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The 116 Life Ep. 17: Hulvey's heartwarming journey

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