The 116 Life Ep. 25 – Being Where the Lord Needs You with Limoblaze and Wande

Meet the Artists: Wande and Limoblaze

On this episode of the 116 Life, we have two special guests, Wande and Limoblaze, both signed to Reach Records. Guest host Meah Evans, of M&M Radio Live, first met Wande in 2018 and was instantly captivated by her song “Fuego.” She knew then that Reach Records would be missing out if they didn’t sign her. Since then, she’s had the privilege of witnessing her growth as an artist.

Limoblaze, on the other hand, caught her attention through the Summer 20 playlist. His unique afrobeat sound was a breath of fresh air, and Meah’s excited to have him on the show.

Balancing Music and Personal Life

As we settle into the summer, Meah was curious to know how Wande and Limoblaze have been managing their busy careers alongside their personal lives, particularly their recent marriages. Wande shared that constant communication with her wife, even hourly text updates, helps her feel supported and loved.

Limoblaze emphasized the importance of having a dedicated team to handle day-to-day tasks, allowing him to focus on his music and ministry. He also highlighted the importance of rest, a lesson he learned the hard way after experiencing burnout during his first tour.

Dealing with Negativity

In the world of social media, negative comments and accusations are inevitable. Wande and Limoblaze shared their experiences with online trolls and how they handle negativity. Limoblaze who has been accused of practicing witchcraft, laughed off such comments, citing Lecrae’s example of not letting negativity affect him.

Both artists have found solace in the “restrict” button on Instagram, which limits the visibility of trolls’ comments. They’ve grown confident in shrugging off criticism, focusing instead on the positive impact their music has on their fans.

The Power of Fan Support

The conversation took a heartwarming turn as Wande and Limoblaze expressed their gratitude for the immense love and support they receive from their fans. They shared stories of fans approaching them, expressing how their music has helped them through tough times or inspired them to live for God.

Pursuing Music in Nigerian Society

As Nigerian artists, Wande and Limoblaze faced challenges in pursuing their passion for music. Limoblaze had to justify his pursuit of music to his parents by listing his academic achievements. Wande, on the other hand, gradually introduced his parents to her talent through talent shows and performances. Both artists emphasized the importance of parental support and the desire to make their parents proud.

The Impact of Reach Records’ Summer 23 Playlist

The release of the Summer 23 playlist by Reach Records was another topic of discussion. Both Wande and Limoblaze have been featured on previous playlists and praised Reach Records for their inclusivity and support of other artists. They expressed their gratitude for the exposure and platform that the playlist provides, allowing talented artists to gain more recognition and thrive in the genre.

Representing Culture and Language in Music

Wande and Limoblaze also shared their experiences representing their cultures and languages in their music. They’ve faced criticism from people who believe that singing in their language makes their music less gospel. However, they firmly believe that God can move through different languages, and it opens up the kingdom even more.

The Shift in the Music Industry

Finally, we discussed the shift happening in the music industry, where artists are becoming bolder in expressing their faith. Both artists are excited to be part of this movement and are inspired to create music with excellence. They appreciate the freedom to express their faith through their music and are eager to see how this shift will continue to evolve.

In conclusion, this episode was a deep dive into the personal journeys of Wande and Limoblaze as artists, their experiences in the music industry, and their perspectives on life and culture. Their stories are a testament to their resilience, faith, and passion for music.

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