The 116 Life Episode 49: God is Funny with Matthew Hudson

On this episode of The 116 Life, Reach Records SVP of A&R Ace Harris and co-host Meah Evans welcome Matthew Hudson, a content creator, influencer, and comedian. We talked about his comedy journey and how an encounter with God changed his life.

A Comedian’s Roots: Growing Up with Laughter and Brothers

Matthew’s story is one that resonates with many. He grew up in Atlanta and Mississippi, surrounded by a large family of six brothers. This unique dynamic set the stage for his comedic flair. During our chat, Matthew opened up about his early years, his shy demeanor, and the moment he discovered his talent for making people laugh. It wasn’t until college, when he started creating videos with his brothers, that he realized his knack for comedy.

Influenced by the likes of Martin Lawrence, Matthew’s comedic style is a blend of subtle humor and intelligence. He shared how he embraced the title of comedian and honed his craft, focusing on church-related comedy—a niche that has resonated with many.

Faith and Laughter: A Personal Encounter

Matthew’s upbringing in a traditional religious environment played a significant role in shaping his perspective on life and comedy. He spoke candidly about his family’s involvement in church and how it influenced his early years. But it was during his college years that he had a personal encounter with God, which transformed his understanding of faith from a set of rituals to a relational experience.

This realization not only impacted his personal life but also his professional journey. Matthew humorously recounted his initial pursuit of a degree in social work, only to discover that it wasn’t his true calling. This led him to emphasize the importance of finding purpose and joy in one’s path, and for him, that joy is expressed through laughter.

The Healing Power of Laughter in the Church

The conversation took a deeper dive into the significance of laughter as a form of joy. Matthew passionately discussed how laughter aligns with his belief in the goodness of God and the role it plays in the church. He believes that laughter can be a healing and uplifting experience, and he’s dedicated to creating content that brings those moments of joy to others, both in church settings and on social media.

Matthew shared his experiences performing for different audiences, including the challenges of connecting with older churchgoers. He recounted the nerves and uncertainties surrounding his first comedy show and the subsequent growth and success he’s seen. He attributes this progression to his faithfulness and trust in God’s guidance, rather than any specific strategy.

Trusting the Divine in Comedy

Throughout the discussion, Matthew emphasized the role of divine intervention in his career. He acknowledged that his impact as a comedian and content creator can’t be fully explained by human efforts alone. Instead, it’s his willingness to trust in God’s leading and be faithful in pursuing his passion for comedy that has made all the difference.

Ace and Meah couldn’t help but express their admiration for Matthew’s dedication and faithfulness. They encourage listeners to follow him on social media to experience the uplifting and humorous content he creates.

Wrapping up The 116 Life: Inspired

Matthew Hudson‘s journey is a testament to the power of combining faith, joy, and creativity. His work as a comedian brings laughter and light to others, and his story is a reminder of the impact one can have when they align their passions with their beliefs.

We hope this post has captured the essence of our enlightening conversation with Matthew Hudson. His insights on faith, joy, and comedy are not only thought-provoking but also a call to embrace the lighter side of life, no matter where our journey takes us.

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Introduction of Matthew Hudson and his goals for the year. (00:00:54) Matthew Hudson introduces himself and shares his goals for the year.

Matthew Hudson’s background and inspiration for comedy. (00:02:00) Matthew Hudson shares his background, upbringing, and inspiration for comedy.

Influence of Martin Lawrence on Matthew’s comedy. (00:03:27) Matthew discusses the influence of Martin Lawrence on his comedic style.

Discovery of comedic talent. (00:04:23) Matthew talks about how he discovered his comedic talent and his journey into comedy.

Gaining confidence in comedic talent. (00:08:21) Matthew discusses when he started to believe in his comedic talent.

Finding his comedic niche. (00:10:36) Matthew shares how he found his comedic niche, particularly within the context of church and Christian perspective.

Receiving feedback on comedic perspective. (00:13:30) Matthew discusses receiving feedback on honing in on his comedic perspective.

Upbringing with six brothers. (00:17:05) Matthew reflects on his upbringing with six brothers and the dynamics within the family.

Growing Up in Church (00:18:13) Matthew discusses his upbringing in a traditional religious church and the limitations on sports and play.

Discovering Faith (00:20:43) Matthew shares his journey of developing a personal relationship with God and his experiences with faith during his college years.

College and Career Aspirations (00:25:07) Matthew reflects on his college experience, his social work studies, and the realization that he found comedy during this time.

Reevaluating Career Choices (00:28:42) Matthew explains his decision to study social work and his subsequent realization that it wasn’t the right path for him.

Laughter and God’s Goodness (00:31:22) Matthew discusses the inspiration behind his brand, “God is Funny,” and the tagline “Laugh because God is good,” emphasizing the joy and humor found in faith.

Pursuing Laughter and Joy (00:35:03) Matthew delves into the importance of pursuing laughter as a response to joy and how it is often overlooked in church culture.

Laughter as a Tool (00:37:36) Discusses the importance of expressing joy through laughter and disrupting social media with edifying content.

Comedy in the Church (00:38:42) Exploring the impact of clean, Christian comedy on people’s perspectives of the church and the need for its embrace.

Challenges in Church Comedy (00:41:23) Shares experiences of performing comedy in church, including difficulties with older audiences and the need for adaptation.

First Comedy Show (00:44:03) Describes the fear and uncertainty of organizing the first comedy show and the unexpected success and support received.

Growth in Comedy Shows (00:47:15) Reflects on the progression and provision in comedy shows, attributing success to faithfulness and divine guidance.

Social Media and Laughter (00:50:16) Shares social media handles for accessing comedic content and emphasizes the importance of laughter for the soul.

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