The 116 Life Ep. 38 – “Pursuing A Dream with Meah Evans” 

On this episode of The 116 Life, Reach Records, SVP of A&R, Ace Harris has an engaging and profound conversation with Mia Evans, the host of the M&M Live Radio podcast. They delved into our roles as hosts, the nuances of managing our creative gifts, and the evolution of Christian hip-hop media. This blog post is a detailed account of our enlightening discussion.

The Blessing of Creative Gifts

Meah and I kicked off our conversation by discussing the importance of managing our creative gifts. We both agreed that making money from our talents brings a whole new level of gratitude. Meah shared her initial belief that ministry should be done without worrying about money. However, she has since realized that God provides for those who use their gifts. We both expressed gratitude for being able to benefit financially from our talents and acknowledged that being compensated for our work is indeed a blessing.

The Journey of M&M Live Radio

Meah introduced herself as a 26-year-old host of the M&M Live Radio podcast, a role she has held for ten years. She shared the story of how she and her sister conceived the idea for the show and how they eventually launched it with their mother’s support. Initially aired on a local radio station, they later transitioned to podcasting due to the shifting demographic. Meah emphasized the importance of reaching young adults through podcasting rather than traditional radio.

The Evolution of Radio and Christian Hip-Hop

Meah discussed the evolution of radio and how it led her to start the M&M Live Radio podcast. She explained that radio is not dying, but rather evolving. She and her team decided to move to the podcasting platform to reach a larger audience and build a genuine following. They kept the radio format of their show, playing music and hosting events like the Dove Awards and Stellar Awards.

Meah’s journey into the Christian hip-hop scene began when her mom introduced her to Andy Mineo’s music. She was immediately hooked when she heard Andy Mineo’s song “Young.” She credits her mom for introducing her to Reach Records and the whole Christian hip-hop scene.

The Role of Faith in Meah’s Life

Meah shared that she found God at a young age, while her mom found Him later in her 20s. Her mom played a significant role in keeping their family involved in church, attending services and being part of the choir. Meah herself was involved in the church as well, singing on the praise team and in the choir.

The State of Christian Hip-Hop Media

We discussed the state of Christian hip-hop media, acknowledging that the industry has grown over the past ten years, with more outlets, personalities, and voices emerging. We mentioned specific platforms like Wado, Track Starz, and Rapzilla that were prominent when we first got into the industry. Meah added that there is now more diversity in Christian hip-hop media, with outlets like Proper Excel and Hip-Hop Corner providing different perspectives.

Women in Christian Hip Hop

Meah expressed her excitement and support for the progress that women in the genre have made. She mentioned her personal connections with artists like Porsha Love and Wande and highlighted the care and passion they bring to their music. Meah also appreciated the support and love shown by male artists in the industry towards the HLY Girl movement and women in general.

The 116 Life: Embracing Your Full Potential

Meah shared some valuable insights, encouraging listeners to stop shrinking themselves and instead allow God to use them in the best way possible. It’s a powerful reminder to embrace our full potential and not hold back.

Wrapping Up

As they concluded their conversation, Meah invited listeners to follow her show on social media at @mmliveradio and her personal handle, @meahevans. She also revealed her involvement in “The Winner’s Circle” with Wande, Erinn Knight and Naij, encouraging listeners to follow the Winner’s Circle brand for more content.

This conversation with Meah Evans is a testament to the power of embracing and developing your creative gifts. It was a reminder of the importance of evolving with the times and the role of faith in our lives. Thank you for tuning in. Want to share your thoughts on something we talked about on the show? Please leave us a comment, we’d love to hear it.

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Meah Evans and sister Meesa Evans of M&M Live Radio

The introduction and compliments [00:00:00] Ace and Meah introduce each other and exchange compliments about their hosting skills.

Monetizing creative gifts [00:01:23] They discuss the importance and blessings of being able to monetize their creative gifts and talents.

Starting M&M Live Radio [00:04:44] Meah Evans shares the backstory of how she and her sister started their radio podcast, M&M Live Radio, and how they transitioned to podcasting.

The evolution of radio and podcasting [00:08:05] Discussion on how radio is evolving and how they transitioned to podcasting to reach a wider audience.

Discovering Reach Records and Christian hip hop [00:09:13] Discussion fabout how her mom introduced her to Reach Records and artists like Andy Mineo, leading her to explore the Christian hip hop scene.

Growing up in the Evans household and moving to Georgia [00:14:09] Meah shares her upbringing, including her parents’ decision to move to Georgia for her dad’s landscaping business and their involvement in a church in Georgia.

Finding the Lord [00:16:25] Discussion about the Meah’s relationship with God and their upbringing in the church.

Growing in Confidence [00:19:05] Exploration of the Meah’s journey to develop confidence and establish her own identity separate from her sister.

Embracing Individuality [00:23:38] The Meah’s realization and acceptance of the importance of being true to oneself and embracing unique qualities.

The transition from being a part of a music group to stepping away [00:24:27] Ace talks about his experience being a part of a music group and his friend’s decision to step away from it after getting married.

The state of Christian hip hop media [00:25:39] Discussion on the growth and diversity of Christian hip hop media over the past ten years and mentions specific outlets and personalities.

Challenges faced by media platforms in the industry [00:28:23] Discussion about the lack of opportunities and recognition given to smaller media platforms in comparison to larger platforms and suggests that talent and follower count should not be the only criteria for consideration.

The state of women in Christian hip hop [00:33:40] Discussion about the progress, lack of progress, and the need for more representation of women in Christian hip hop.

Feeling seen in the industry [00:36:08] Exploring the moments when women in Christian hip hop felt recognized and acknowledged for their contributions.

Encouragement for Christian hip hop artists [00:40:10] Advice for artists to be creative, think outside the box, and not be afraid to push boundaries in their music and presentation.

Meah’s message of not shrinking yourself [00:42:40] Mia encourages listeners to not shrink themselves and to let God use them in the best light possible.

Meah’s social media and podcast promotion [00:42:40] Mia shares her social media handles and promotes her podcast, M&M Live Radio, as well as another show she produces called The Winner’s Circle.

Ace thanks Meah and hinting at future appearances [00:43:23] Ace thanks Mia for the conversation and hints that they will be hearing more from her in the future.

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