The 116 Life Ep. 37 – “Unapologetically Authentic with BigBreeze”

On this episode of the 116 Life, Reach Record’s SVP of A&R Ace Harris welcomes special guest, Atlanta’s West Side’s very own, BigBreeze. The conversation was a deep dive into his life, his music, and his spiritual journey. From discussing his challenging upbringing to his transition into Christian music, BigBreeze shared his story with honesty and humility.

The Struggles of Growing Up

BigBreeze grew up on the west side of Atlanta, a place where survival was a daily mindset. He shared the struggles he faced growing up in a single-parent home, with his mother working a lot and his older brother often away at school. This left him to navigate life on his own during his teenage years.

The lack of youth events and opportunities in his neighborhood led him to seek out ways to have fun, sometimes resorting to negative activities like breaking into cars. He dropped out of school in 10th grade to prioritize making money over education, hustling to provide for himself and his family. Despite the challenges, his actions were driven by the need to survive rather than seeking fame or attention.

The Power of Youth Ministries

During their conversation, they touched on the importance of youth ministries. While some may view these groups as corny, Ace emphasized that they can actually save lives. BigBreeze agreed, expressing how having access to such programs in his neighborhood could have made a positive difference, redirecting their focus towards productive activities instead of getting involved in illegal activities.

A Call to Faith

BigBreeze’s journey to faith was not a straightforward one. He didn’t grow up in church but found his faith later in life. He shared that his decision to return to school was influenced by hearing God’s voice and feeling that there might be something bigger out there for him.

One day, while chilling in the trap, he heard God’s voice telling him to go to church. Initially hesitant, he eventually went. This marked the beginning of his spiritual journey and his transition from making secular music to creating Christian music.

Transitioning to Christian Music

BigBreeze admitted that initially, Christian hip hop didn’t resonate with him because he was used to the energetic and ratchet sound of secular music. However, he felt a sense of peace and fulfillment in creating Christian music that he didn’t feel in his previous work.

Despite having a successful secular song at the time, he felt convicted by God to delete it and pursue Christian music instead. He faced opposition from friends who encouraged him to continue doing both secular and Christian music, but he felt convicted to fully commit to his faith.

The Journey as an Artist

BigBreeze’s journey as an artist has been marked by challenges and triumphs. When he released his song “Superfly,” it received a lot of love from fans, but there were also critics who didn’t think it fit the traditional Christian music mold.

Despite the criticism, he remained true to his music, emphasizing that his music comes from the heart and wants people to listen to the message rather than just focusing on the beat. He has received support from bigger artists like Andy Mineo and KB, which he appreciates but remains grounded and unaffected by the recognition.

The Importance of Community

BigBreeze shared a powerful encounter he had with someone in his community. He and his friends were praying for this person, preaching the gospel, and offering support. As they were praying, BigBreeze noticed some guys approaching them, thinking they were fans. However, he soon realized that these guys were actually praying for the same person. It was a beautiful moment of community coming together.

BigBreeze and “The 116 Life”

BigBreeze’s story is a testament to the power of faith and the transformative impact of music. His journey from the streets of Atlanta to the Christian music scene is a story of resilience, faith, and the power of community. As they concluded their conversation, BigBreeze expressed his love for God and how grateful he is for his journey. He acknowledges his humble beginnings and the struggles he faced, but credits God for bringing him to where he is today.

Ace was deeply moved by BigBreeze’s story and his commitment to his faith. His music is not just about the beat, but about the message it carries. It’s about being rich in spirit, overflowing with faith and prayer. It’s about breaking down walls and connecting people, even the toughest individuals.

So, if you haven’t already, we encourage you to check out BigBreeze’s music. His story is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of faith and the importance of staying true to oneself.

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BigBreeze on stage


The 116 Life on Holy Culture Radio [00:00:00] Introduction to the podcast episode and guest.

The Challenges of Touring [00:00:38] Discussion about the difficulties of being on tour as an artist and the mental and spiritual preparation required.

Being a Rich Christian [00:01:23] Exploration of the concept of being rich in the spirit and the importance of maintaining a positive mindset as a Christian.

Finding Youth Ministry [00:09:30] Discussion about the importance of youth ministries in saving kids’ lives and the lack of such programs in the BigBreeze’s neighborhood.

The Church Intervention [00:10:33] BigBreeze talks about how he dropped out of school but later felt a calling to go to church, which led to a transformative experience and a desire to finish school.

Seeing the Plug in Church [00:13:02] BigBreeze shares the moment when he saw his drug dealer in church, which made him realize that he didn’t have to be perfect to be part of the church community.

Finding Purpose in Christian Music [00:17:20] Being challenged to create a Christian song and the struggle he faced in finding his purpose in Christian music.

Choosing Christian Music Over Secular Music [00:17:55] The moment BigBreeze felt peace in creating Christian music and the decision to delete his secular song.

Creating a Career in Christian Hip Hop [00:21:30] Discussion about the initial mindset of creating a career in Christian hip hop and how his perspective changed over time.

Big Breeze’s Journey [00:26:05] Discussion on his initial struggles and doubts about his music being accepted by the industry and church community.

Recognition from Andy Mineo [00:27:25] Ace discusses how he discovered Big Breeze’s music and reached out to him, highlighting the authenticity of his voice in the hip-hop and trap genre.

Creating Authentic Music [00:30:19] Big Breeze talks about his love for creating music, trying new sounds, and being involved in the production process to maintain his unique style.

The importance of platforming new artists [00:35:20] Discussion about the role of platforms in showcasing new artists and introducing them to new audiences.

The impact of collaboration on artistic growth [00:36:06] Conversation about how collaborating with others can push artists out of their comfort zones and help them grow as individuals and musicians.

The concept of being a rich Christian [00:40:09] Explanation of what it means to be a rich Christian, focusing on spiritual richness rather than material wealth.

The moment of community [00:44:54] BigBreeze shares a story of praying with a man and experiencing a sense of community when others join in to pray as well.

Connecting through hugs [00:45:45] Ace mentions how BigBreeze offered a hug despite struggling with receiving them due to his upbringing, highlighting how the gospel breaks down walls and connects people.

Gratitude for God’s guidance [00:46:31] BigBreeze expresses his love for God and gratitude for the opportunities he has been given, acknowledging that he wouldn’t be where he is without God’s guidance.

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