Who is Porsha Love? The 116 Life Ep. 10

The Holy Girl rapper who’s been making waves in CHH since she appeared on Rapzilla in 2013 joins Marcus and Ace to discuss faith, music, and culture.

Growing up Porsha Love

Who is Porsha Love?  “I really can’t be boxed in.  I’m just a regular girl who loves God.  And I genuinely love people.  The B.C. [before Christ] Porsha Love was out of control.  I always had this bubbly aspect to me.  But I was impulsive,”, Porsha confesses.  “People with extreme personalities, without Christ you don’t know how to control it.”

Like all of us, Porsha Love admits to being humbled by God.  “I lost a lot of people.  Everybody who raised me passed on.  Experiencing that while being single, while being young, while still trying to figure out my own self, my own life, really humbled me.”  The Detroit femcee had no choice but to lean on God.  “God really kept me for real!”

Porsha Love who grew up in a musical family discovered she could rap in the sixth grade.  “I would rap in school.  My [rap] name was Beauty before Christ and I had a mix tape called Beauty the Beast.  It was fire!”  She even went viral for her rap response to a popular local rapper who made a diss song about women.  “It blew up.  We were even on the radio.  But we were cool with him, there wasn’t no actual beef.”

Holy Girl Porsha Love

The Holy Girl says she’s always been a girl’s girl.  “Knowing that they need to see themselves in someone.  Being an artist is difficult to do.  But this is a calling that God has called me to.  So, it comes with trials and stuff like that.  But knowing that there are women who look up to me or are banking on me to reach whatever level God has for me is what keeps me going.  There’s another little Detroit eastside girl trying to see herself in Christian rap.”

Artist aside, Porsha is using her music as ministry.  “The church I was in, we used to feed the homeless.   [We were] Just like community-based.  So, I got a lot of those roots from there.  Then discovering Christian Rap, I’m like oh!  I can be a rapper!  I can rap for God, let me switch over.  I still have that desire for change.  I know the fulfillment that comes with it [being saved].”  

No matter our background, when we first start transitioning into or back into the Christian life, we can experience feeling anxious.  The enemy will try to convince us that we are too “whatever” to be completely accepted by the church.  Porsha’s response to those who feel uneasy is, “There is space for you.  He [God] created you.  God doesn’t want to change “that thing” about you.  You fit in with God.  And He will give you community.” 

Porsha who’s been abstinent for 11 years, compares her relationship with God to marriage.  “That is what keeps me grounded.   I know when I go home, I can unwind.  I can be myself.  I’m free.  All guards are down.  I can be myself.  For me, it’s like that with God.  God is home.  I have to be intentional about prioritizing my time with God.”     

2 Corinthians 3:2-3, You are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read by all men; 3 clearly you are an epistle of Christ, ministered by us, written not with ink but by the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of flesh, that is, of the heart.  Porsha Love is an epistle. 

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Who is Porsha Love?
Holy Girl Porsha Love

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