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Z180 Radio is a weekly podcast focused on conveying the truths of Christianity to believer and unbeliever alike through the avenues of anointed Christian music and various topic discussions. We strive to bring the listener fresh music, meaningful conversations, and extraordinary edification in the depths of their soul. It is our sincere hope that individuals of all ages would respond in faith to the call of God (repentance); that they would trust the sacrificial life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that many people would openly communicate a lifestyle of holiness and reverence to God before an ever watching world. We truly believe that God has set up a kingdom that is everlasting, and we desire with all our hearts that His church would be unified in bringing hope to the lost and love to the redeemed. This is why we are determined to join hands with an assortment of experienced ministers in an effort to share the truth of the gospel, and shine its radiant light upon the darkest places of the human heart. So far, we have had excellent interviews with Tony Stone and J’Son (among others), and are awaiting upcoming appointments with Lisa McClendon, Thi’sl,
Michelle Bonilla, Braille, D-Maub, R-Swift, K-Drama, (just to name a few). As we proceed in this concerned effort, we are continually reminded that Christ is our primary focus, and the unanimous Leader of this mission. We long to be aligned with His pristine purpose and will. This will be our heartbeat as we deliver each podcast with the endorsement of the Holy Spirit by the grace of Almighty God. Please join us as we press toward the mark together…

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