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2nd Samuel 151 – Church Boys & Girls Church Boy Remix

Church Boys and Girls is the first single from 2nd Samuel 151‘s newly released album. This song flows right along with some of his comments during the CAESURA interview with DJ LostNFound, underscoring the importance of ministering to the churched and unchurched alike.

The remix includes @adubsmusic @jenesis10 @jekagotsole @sean_olivera & SamuelsAwkward.

About the Album

A Retcon is a shortened form of ‘retroactive continuity’, and refers to a literary device in which the content of a previously established narrative or work is changed.

Sometimes, the author decides to go back and restart the life and times of a character. That is what 2nd Samuel 151 was trying to accomplish when he went into the lab and created his 2nd project, Now Born Again (The Retcon). The tracklist is the same as his 2019 debut album, but the content within this release has changed. Some of the original cast has returned, and some were erased and even replaced. The musical score sounds familiar, but at some points, it sounds completely different.

Still keeping its Boombap style, this project is Christ-Centered. The message is still the same. The Gospel Truth is still represented. Some will call this a Remix album. Others will call it a Revision. A Reboot even 2nd Samuel 151 just calls it a New Beginning.

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November 16, 2020

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