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Ajax Starglider filming documentary in Cambodia

Ajax_Starglider=Film_Documentary=200=ChristianRapHipHopNewsChristian hip-hop artist, Ajax Starglider just reported in on his activities in the country of Cambodia.

He wrote:

“Ajax Starglider and Moxey Creative just finished up production in Battambong Cambodia today. We traveled the city and the countryside of Phenom Penh and Battambong Cambodia documenting the work of Cama Services and their amazing Moringa Tree Project.

We were on a tight schedule but managed to capture some images that express the wonderful beauty of the cambodian people.

Now, post production begins and within a month we will be releasing the documentary. There are some amazing things that the Moringa tree is able to do – purifying water, helps Aids victims have stronger immune systems, helps stabilize high blood pressure, and makes a strong cup of tea.

Thanks to David and Doris Strong and the Cumai people for all of their hospitality.”

Ajax Starglider has two current releases including the full length “Middle Class Artisan” and an EP titled “Middle Class Broadcast”.

Moringa Tree Project from brandon wasserburger on Vimeo.

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