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Mr. Coldstone “Unseen”
Released: 2010
Reviewed By: E Pluribus Unum
Committee Rating: 7.2 (of 10)
[xrr rating=7.2/10]

Well, the Bible tells us that Christians are a peculiar people. I guess peculiar people should make peculiar projects. I doubt you’ve heard anyone like Mr. Coldstone before. Somehow I don’t think being different and original is something that Mr. Coldstone struggles with. At least this was my first impression from hearing this project. This is my first time hearing from this artist and I’d definitely be interested in hearing more, since this was just an EP with eight cuts (two of which are an intro and outro with only one verse in each).

Speaking of the intro, it’s tight. The production is good and the flow is steady. No negatives here. The intro definitely got me ready for some heat to follow. From there the project takes an otherworldly sort of turn with “Zion” and his flow falls in line perfectly. The song is ok, but I don’t like the hook. Even though the track is simply percussion, some of the percussion has musical notes within it. It would’ve been nice if they sang the hook within the same key as the music. I know this might be a small gripe to some, but it’s important to me and got on my nerves. You judge for yourself. Mr. Coldstone redeemed himself with “Deliver Us.” That is my joint! The sample in the hook is used well and this is definitely one of my favorites. It’s not a song to get krunk to. It’s one of those serious head nod beats. “Creamery” goes back to the otherworldly type of feel. I honestly don’t know who produced what on this project, but with the Applejaxx collabs and interesting style (Sniff…sniff) I smell a little Menace Tree (Ministry) in this project somewhere. Is Tonex in the back somewhere? …Just a guess. If not, it sure does bring back memories. The hook for “Creamery” reminds me too much of Busta Rhymes’ hook for “I Love my Chick”. …I’m just saying. “Pump it Up” might be the weakest song offered here. Ironically, if he did it live, it might be the best. It’s another song with just percussion and something I could easily see people getting krunk to, so this may just be me tripping on this one. You might love it.

Mr. Coldstone once again hits with one of my other favorite songs next. “My Hood” is a great song. It’s smooth with a great message. You can put this one on repeat in the car and just ride. The last full song is something you can bump too. The hook is great. The verses are on point and the beat is tight. This is that song that you play when you’re rolling with your squad. This is why I’d be interested in hearing a full project. I’m curious to know what style he would lean more towards. This EP in its entirety shows a lot of range, but when it’s only six full songs, it feels like he’s all over the place. His flow is far from monotonous, which is great. You can’t guess how Mr. Coldstone is going to rhyme and I have yet to pin down one main lyrical style for him. In short, I appreciate the versatility. So all in all, Mr. Coldstone has offered us a project that’s pretty cool (Heh, corny pun intended). But hey, everybody is a critic. I’m just the guy who wrote the review. Peace and much love.

Music: 7 of 10
Flow / Delivery: 7.5 of 10
Lyricism: 7 of 10
Content: 7.5 of 10
Creativity / Originality / Relevancy: 7.5 of 10
Credibility / Confidence: 6 of 10
Personality /  Character: 7.5 of 10
Presentation Quality: 7 of 10
Overall Production Quality: 8 of 10
Potential Impact: 7 of 10

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