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The Rep “Say No More”
Released: 2009
Reviewed By:  Bradford Davis
Committee Rating:   3.76 (of 5)
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I’ve always admired honest, relevant music, as I’m sure you do too (if not…this site isn’t for you).  That being said, The Rep’s “Say No More” is as raw and real as it gets.  It paints the realities of “the struggle” as vivid as I’ve ever heard.  It’s a hip hop exposition on pain, trial, sin, and most importantly, on the hope that is in Jesus.   I appreciated the lengths he went to portray the truth, even the less-than-pretty moments.

The Rep’s lyricism and subject matter is hyper aggressive, sort of what you’d expect from a gangsta rap album.  It’s not brain dead though.  Though his lyricism isn’t complex, his delivery is on point, clear, and highly confident.  No 50-Cent slurring here, Rep’s a cut above that.

Rep’s content is extremely pulpy, giving a very literal account of his shortcomings, as well as authentic stories of human life produced by sin.  “Unborn Child,” describes what a soon-to be aborted baby would feel if he had an idea what was going on outside of its mother’s womb.  I respected how openly he confronted the evils of abortion.  Rep does it without spouting a FOXNews diatribe, but by giving it from the perspective of the persons most hurt by the process.   In other songs, he deals with his own marital problems “My Life, My Struggle”, depression and suicide “Suicide Note” along with a smattering of temptations and battles strewn throughout the rest of the songs.  Despite his realness, he could have conveyed this better if he spent more time focusing on other subjects.  That is not to take anything from speaking about the realness of life, but I think he could have spoken more about the products of an abundant life in Jesus.  When redeemed in Him, there are “thorn in the flesh” moments, but there are many triumphs and victories that come because Christ overcame all struggles.  Focusing more than he did on that side of the coin would have given more balance to the themes in the album as well as given a clearer message about what God does in the lives of His own.

Those criticisms shouldn’t dissuade anyone from giving “Say No More” a shot.  There’s no doubt that Rep loves God and wants anyone that feels consumed in the struggle to place their faith in Him.  If you’re in to brooding themes and the moody instrumentals, or if you find yourself needing an Answer to life’s situation “Say No More” will be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Review Committee
Review by:  Bradford Davis

Rated by:
Anonymous Admin – Avg Rating:  3.97
B.Davis – Avg Rating:  3.45
DJ Guardian – Avg Rating:  3.86

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