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[listen.] Josiah Williams “Rerouting”


Josiah Williams
The date was June 29, 2014.

Pastor Deveraux Hubbard of St. Paul Baptist Church (Peoria, IL) was deep in the sermon titled: “Choosing Not to Grow is Costly.” His points were direct and clear… A growing Christian is a productive, useful, well-guided and confident Christian. However, on this day, a special message was engraved in Josiah’s heart. This sermon was delivered a month after completing his college years—a time that challenged Josiah to examine and build upon his faith. There were many mistakes made, many days spent searching for forgiveness, and a year of restructuring and self-development. Rev. Hubbard spoke about the many “worldly” distractions that we face, and how easy it is to get off-track. He ended his point with this statement: Like a navigational system, God is willing to “Reroute” you when you drift.

Although Rev. Hubbard was making a fun joke (comparing the Christian journey to a GPS feature), Josiah stood to his feet and shouted with praise and joy! Joke or not, this was a legitimate situation that Josiah was actively dealing with. He felt that he allowed many friends and situations to distract him from the ultimate goal, and realized the changes that needed to take place. Now, Josiah aims to create Hip-Hop/Rhythmic Soul music that brings all of the glory to God and honors Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior! Be on the lookout for new projects that will challenge the mind, enrich the heart, and nourish the soul.

This is only the beginning for Josiah Williams… He thanks you for being a part of his journey, and hopes that you continue to show your support!

God Bless.

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