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Born and raised in Southern California, Justin “JustMe” Long was introduced to hip-hop through popping, locking, and breaking. When a twelve year-old Justin expressed an interest in Deejaying, his dad saw an opportunity. Pops bought his son a bunch of DJ equipment and the two started their own business, spinning at weddings, school dances, and house parties around the way. It wasn’t long before the 12” singles Justin was blending, became inspiration for the birth of an emcee.

Justin’s freshman year of high school was filled with adversity. He watched as his parents’ marriage fell apart. Many of his friends were incarcerated on violence and drug charges. As if that weren’t enough, J’s first partner in rhyme died tragically at the age of seventeen. All of these factors led young Justin to seek a greater purpose in life, which he found when he became a follower of Jesus Christ.

With an enhanced vision and drive, and with assistance from members of The TunnelRats, Justin began recording under the name Sage. After high school Sage hooked up with Capture to form SolSeekers. The duo quickly gained notoriety, receiving praise in the once popular hip-hop rag Rap Sheet. They followed that up by topping mainstream artists Q-tip and Silk The Shocker with the #1 hit on “Audience of One”.

In 2002 SolSeekers parted ways and Justin left the golden state for the bluegrass state. In Kentucky Sage became JustMe and hooked up with Ohio emcee Cas Metah to found the Scribbling Idiots crew. SI grew into a large collective of emcees and producers that span the globe! By releasing several top-notch mixtapes and albums, SI has gained a worldwide following, leading to successful solo careers for many of the Scribbling Idiots. Among them, JustMe has stood out as a leader, appearing on nearly every project that the crew has had their hands in.

2009 brings JustMe’s sophomore solo effort Before The Twilight. With up-and-coming producer Commissioner Gordon handling the beats on all but one track, JustMe proves that his greatest asset as an emcee is his storytelling ability. JM weaves yarns with a rhythm and cadence that draws in listeners of all ages and backgrounds. He tells tales of lessons learned through his many travels and travails.

JustMe has shared the stage with notable artists such as KJ52, LA Symphony, Mars Ill, Soul P and many, many more. He has worked in the studio with TunnelRats, Pigeon John, and Deepspace5 among others.

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