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Artist Name: Mr. J-Style
Song Title: Heavy Hitters
Album: Introducing the Pain

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Born in Dallas, Tx. in the year 1983, Mr. J-Style was supposed to be a product of his environment. Living in a middle class world, J didn’t have a care outside of his family. All things changed by the time he was only 11 years old. It was at this time when the revelation of a parent’s drug addiction was brought to life. How something like this could cause a person to hurt loved ones was not understood in the eyes of an 11 year old boy. It was also in this same year that J discovered that he was poetically gifted. He not only discovered he could write, but actually enjoyed it. Throughout the next few years his writing was dark and pain filled, as he expressed how not one, but both parents drug addiction made him feel. After he turned 14, fueled by pain and misunderstanding, he vowed to quit writing and threw his poems away due to feelings of unimportance. As his life at home grew worse, he had to bear the pain throughout his high school journey. While others experimented with drugs, he never had the thought of participation due to the end result it had on his family. He dabbled in a few freestyle battles, but the love of poetry he once owned had not come back to the point it once was. That all changed in the year 2003. After turning to Jesus Christ, J still found his life in shambles. Being evicted from his home and forced to go back to the parents who couldn’t help themselves eventually forced J to pick up the pen. All of the pain that he hadn’t expressed in years suddenly found itself as an explosive message. A very strong hip hop fan, J used his passion for hip hop to create what he deemed as hip hop. The only difference is that he expressed his love for Christ, and he refuses to let everyone else tell him what he couldn’t do. His main mission became to just create positive music with the same hip hop principals he grew up on. Looking forward to his reception by fans/critics, J is ready to bring all man and all heart to a world that needs positivity.

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