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Audio Leak: Rey King “Hustler”


Born March 2, 1987 in Providence, Rhode Island, Israel Steven Mercedes.    Rey King is an inspirational rapper, singer, musician, producer.  Serving as Youth Leader at My Lighthouse Church in Pompano Beach, Florida under Pastor Esteban Mercedes & Pastor Pricila Mercedes, Rey King’s mission is to exemplify what it is to be a true “Young God” (Psalms 82:6).

Rey King’s versatility, creativity and unique style of music, sets him apart in his own genre.  Inspired by multiple fusions of music and cultures, his music has grasped the attention of some of the industries top taste-makers worldwide.

Realising his call and surrendering his life to The Most High in 2007, Rey King has rediscovered himself in a unique way.  Having an effective and respected run in the secular arena has gifted Rey King with the experience within the industry to break limits and set new standards in any genre.

Currently at age 22, Rey King is the breath of fresh air and change the industry has been waiting to see for a long time.  As CEO, Producer and inspirational speaker to many, Rey King is just beginning to expose himself as who he really is and the “Young God” he was created to be.

The ‘pre-album’ entitled “Young God” is a clear reflection of Rey King’s heart.  Desiring to be unto the likeness of his Heavenly Father.  Rey King displays this relationship in each song.  From mainstream ready Club Bangers to Deep South 808’s to Slow Worship R&P productions, all made by Rey King for Godz Muzik, are sure to leave you breathless.  Intertwined with the clean production is a versatile flow that will captivate from the Intro to Outro of the album.

“I met a fork in the road, eyes on the rear view, foot on the gas, and all I wanna do is move forward” (pulled from “Hustler”).

Above is the chorus to the smooth, club ready single called “Hustler.”  The record paints a vivid picture of a life dedicated to grinding for the King over a smooth mid-west track.

“It’s refreshing, trend setting sound, street swag with a futuristic feel; kinda like StarTrek meets 2010!” -JBlaze (Miami/FNF Live 88.3FM)

With follow up single such as “Call Me” and “On Me,” ‘Young God’ has no choice but to become a classic for years to come.

The bar has been raised and the challenge set; move forward regardless of opposition.  think ab out it… and this is only the “pre-album.”

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