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Last night I bought a digital scale & today I dreaded weighing myself! I didn’t want to know the truth! But the truth shall make you free, so I went for it.

Tick, tick, tick, tick went in my head until the digital screen read my weight! To my surprise, I wasn’t as big as I thought. I still weigh 60 pounds more than I did when I graduated from high school, but I thought I weighed about 265! Thank God I’m nothing close to that.

I found absolutely NO PLEASURE in lifting weight today. However, I do find pleasure in the results it will garner. I still feel fat (LOL), but I have faith that I get into a regular routine of doing this then I will be physically fit. Not just the appearance, but the endurance I need to go as hard as I need to on stage.

I did a lot of arm exercises b/c the gym in my hood seems to have every machine possible for the arms! I really want to work on my GUT & hips and they only had 1 machine for this and a sit up bench. But hey, we’ll make the most of it.  My arms feel so tingly now!  I know that means tomorrow I’ll feel Ultra sore when I jog.  But I’ma big boy, I can handle it!

Signing off until tomorrow…

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