Authentic Christianity, Dangerous Jesus and Philanthropy; All for His Glory Alone with the Extraordinary KB

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin Burgess, better known as KB, a multi-talented hip hop artist, rapper, podcast host, merchandise owner, and author. It was an enlightening experience that I’m excited to share with you. We explored authentic Christianity, entrepreneurship, the power of music and his book Dangerous Jesus.

KB: The Man Behind the Music

KB’s accomplishments are numerous, from his popular anthem “100” to his insightful podcast “The South Side Rabbi.” He’s also the proud owner of Native Supply, a merchandise brand, and an author. When asked about the impact he’s made so far, KB humbly admitted that it’s hard for him to fully grasp his global influence. He’s received countless letters and messages from people whose lives have been transformed by his work, but he places equal importance on the impact he has on his immediate community.

I can personally attest to the transformative power of KB’s music. I once used his song as my walk-on song at a conference, and it was a hit. We also had a fun lightning round of questions, where KB shared his preferences on various topics. I ended the segment by expressing my admiration for KB’s book and encouraging listeners to check out the audiobook version.

A Mission Trip and a Book

KB shared a personal story about a mission trip he was initially hesitant to embark on due to the risks involved. His wife’s courage and faith encouraged him to follow God’s calling, despite the potential dangers. This story serves as a springboard for the themes discussed in KB’s book, which explores the misrepresentations of Jesus in modern Christianity.

KB believes that to understand authentic Christianity, we must confront the ways in which faith has been diluted and misrepresented. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing Jesus as the Son of God, as depicted in the Bible, rather than conforming to cultural or political interpretations.

Challenging the Concept of “Patriot Jesus”

Our conversation then shifted to the topic of nationalism and its impact on Christianity. KB introduced the concept of “patriot Jesus,” a distorted version of Jesus that aligns with power, politics, and a narrow focus on America. He stressed the need to challenge these misconceptions and strive for a more holistic and righteous understanding of Jesus.

While KB’s book may cause discomfort as it addresses various aspects of culture and challenges prevailing beliefs, I encourage readers to approach it with an open mind.

The Heroism in Entrepreneurship

KB also discussed the importance of being a hero and how it relates to entrepreneurship. He compared heroes like Spider-Man and Superman to entrepreneurs, stating that their goal is to rescue and help others, not to gain fame or celebrity status. He sees entrepreneurship as a way to resource and empower people, allowing them to fund their own projects and tours without compromising their values or relying on sponsors.

KB’s New Album: A Shift in Focus

KB’s new album differs from his previous work. While his previous albums focused on the glory of God, this album explores the nearness of God’s glory in everyday life, including both the joys and struggles. He emphasizes that our brokenness is not the opposite of God’s glory, but rather an occasion for His power to be revealed.

Living the Gospel

When asked about his book, I suggested that the phrase “being the gospel” is a key theme in it. KB agreed and explained that God’s vision for His people is for them to be a living representation of the gospel, not just in their beliefs or church attendance, but in their actions and interactions with others.

Going Off the Beaten Path

In my career clinic, I share a powerful analogy about venturing off the beaten path in life. I tell a story about a man who gets attacked by a bear while hiking in a remote part of a national park. Despite their efforts to signal for help, no one came to their rescue because they were off the trail. In life, when we venture off the beaten path, we can’t rely on others to come to our aid. We have to be persistent, prepared, and surround ourselves with a supportive community.

Thank you for tuning in. If you were blessed or inspired in any way, please comment and share. Until next time, be informed, be empowered and be accountable.

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Authentic Christianity, Dangerous Jesus and Philanthropy; All for His Glory Alone with the Extraordinary KB
A Conversation with KB: Exploring Authentic Christianity, Entrepreneurship, and the Power of Music


The impact of his music and book [00:00:56] KB discusses his music and new book “Dangerous Jesus.”

The global impact of his work [00:01:39] KB reflects on the difficulty of appreciating his global impact and the level of change he has seen in people’s lives.

The importance of living out the Christian faith [00:08:33] KB talks about the separation between words and actions in the Christian faith and emphasizes the importance of living out one’s beliefs.

The realization of God’s calling [00:10:27] KB discusses the moment he realized God was calling him to go on a mission trip to West Africa, despite the risks involved.

Contrasting authentic Christianity with cultural misrepresentations [00:13:03] KB explains the importance of uncovering and challenging the diluted and misrepresentative versions of Jesus that exist in our culture and politics.

The impact of nationalism on Christianity [00:15:01] KB and i discuss the negative effects of nationalism infiltrating the church, creating a version of Jesus that is more focused on power and politics rather than love and compassion.

The goal of heroes [00:20:06] Discussion on the purpose of heroes, their fame as a byproduct, and their ability to push back against evil.

Creating a pathway for success [00:21:16] Exploration of the importance of influencers and the role of merchandise in funding their work.

Being the gospel [00:25:08] The vision of sanctification and discipleship, moving away from religious rituals to living out the gospel through actions and relationships.

The Career Clinic [00:30:56] I share a story about a bear attack incident in a park and relates it to life and entrepreneurship.

Going off the beaten path [00:31:55] I call for listeners to be persistent and prepared when going off the beaten path in life or as an entrepreneur.

Engagement and feedback [00:33:12] Invitation to listeners to share their takeaways, ask questions, and provide feedback through various channels.

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