Overcoming obstacles and finding success in the face of adversity with JeVon DeWand and Jazze Pha

On this episode of Da Fixx, our special guests are JeVon DeWand and Jazze Pha. We discuss their “Trap Stars” collaboration, their 25-year friendship and how they maintain faith despite enjoying success in the “mainstream music industry.”

In our real talk conversation, we’re tackling the importance of a balanced diet and the challenges of accessing healthy food. So, get comfy and click play for another enlightening, fun, faith filled episode of Da Fixx Morning Radio Show.

JeVon’s Vision

JeVon DeWand, a man of immense talent, shared how his visions come from God and how he incorporates faith into his storytelling. He believes that pain, insecurities, motivation, and inspiration are all connected to God. I commend JeVon for his accomplishments and influences.

Challenges of Faith in the Music Industry

We then turned to Jazze Pha, who acknowledged the challenges he has faced in maintaining his faith in the music industry. He discussed his approach to collaborating with artists and the importance of aligning with those who have a connection to a higher power. He’s cautious about the videos he appears in and ensures that his work reflects his faith in Jesus Christ.

Jazze Pha also reflected on his upbringing in the church and how he never strayed far from his faith, even when working on secular music. He believes that now, as he has matured, his music feels more free and aligned with his beliefs. He mentioned the positive reception he has been receiving and how it resonates with the messages he shares on social media.

A New Song: “Life Going to Change”

Our conversation shifted to their close friendship and collaboration on a new song called “Life Going to Change.” The idea for the song came from wanting to bring new energy to working out. They created a concept called “We Work Out Live,” which combines live music and workouts. They recorded eight beats in eight minutes and then brought the vision to life with the help of other talented artists.

The song is part of a larger project called “Trap Stars,” which stands for Talent Revolving Around Purpose. The goal of the project is to touch the world, not just the church, and to make everyone feel included, especially the kids. They chose the name “Trap Stars” because it’s a term that resonates with young people, even though it has a derogatory connotation. The acronym represents using one’s talent to revolve around their purpose, breaking free from mental and financial traps.

The Importance of a Healthy Diet

We also discussed the importance of eating a colorful and diverse diet that includes fruits and vegetables. We highlighted the need to prioritize our health and make conscious choices about what we put into our bodies. We shared personal experiences of how changing our diets and adopting healthier habits have positively impacted our lives. We also discussed the significance of taking care of our skin and using natural products, as our skin absorbs whatever we put on it.

We argued that our food choices have a direct impact on our mental, spiritual, and physical health. We mentioned that Jesus prioritized feeding people before preaching, emphasizing the importance of nourishing our bodies. We also addressed the question of whether Christians should be vegetarians, stating that while Jesus ate fish and lamb, it is ultimately a personal choice.

Taking Ownership of Our Health

We emphasized the importance of taking ownership of our own health and the role that food plays in mental health. We questioned why we rely on grocery stores and restaurants to provide us with healthy options, when we have the ability to grow our own food. We stressed the importance of planting seeds and not wasting them, as they are a gift from God.

We acknowledged the struggle of transitioning to a healthier diet, particularly when we didn’t grow up eating nutritious food. We shared our personal experience of only having fried food in our household and not being exposed to salads or fruits until later in life.

Successfully Bridging the Gap Between Genres

The conversation then shifted to collaborations between mainstream artists and gospel artists. We expressed excitement about a collaboration between Javon DeWand Jazze Pha and the Track Stars, praising their song “No Cap Change” as a certified banger. We emphasized the need for more collaborations like this to bridge the gap between different genres and build relationships that can lead to growth and accountability.

The Impact of Diet on Overall Health

We highlighted the impact of diet on overall health, including conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. We emphasized the importance of resisting sugary and fatty foods to live a longer and healthier life. We shared our personal goal of losing 100 pounds and encouraged listeners to incorporate more greens and lean meats into their diets, while reducing fried and fatty foods.

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Overcoming obstacles and finding success in the face of adversity with JeVon DeWand and Jazze Pha
Gasner the Artist, the 3rd member of the Trap Starz


The Texas Manhunt Ends [00:01:01] Discussion on the recent mass shooting in Texas and the capture of the suspect.

Collaboration with JeVon DeWand and Jazze Pha [00:03:24] Introducing the collaboration between JeVon DeWard and Jazze Pha and talks about their new song “No Cap.”

Maintaining Faith in Mainstream Industry [00:03:24] Discussion on the challenges of operating in the mainstream industry while holding onto one’s faith and talks about the importance of collaboration between mainstream and gospel artists.

The backstage conversations [00:11:25] Discussion about having conversations with artists of different faiths to express and understand each other’s beliefs.

The power of being different [00:15:18] Exploration of how being different and having a unique gift can shift the energy in a room and impact others.

The bond between Jazze Pha and Jevon [00:19:40] The story of how JeVon believed in Jazze Pha early on and their strong bond that has lasted for over 15 years.

The competition between friends [00:20:39] A discussion about a friendly competition between the speaker and his friend, highlighting the rarity of such supportive friendships in the industry.

The process of creating the collaboration [00:21:59] Discussion on how they came together to create a song, including their vision, the beats, and the overall message they wanted to convey.

The importance of self-love and serving others [00:27:04] Conversation about the lies they had to overcome to love themselves and the significance of serving others as a form of leadership.

The Wednesday Recording Sessions [00:29:59] Discussion on their weekly recording sessions on Wednesdays and how they were able to consistently create new songs.

Possibility of Mainstream Artists Collaborations [00:30:46] Discussion on the potential of collaborating with mainstream artists like Ciara or Usher in the future.

The Power of Breaking Your Team [00:31:32] The importance of giving opportunities to talented individuals within their team instead of reaching out to other established artists.

God’s Colorful Creation [00:38:58] Discussion on how God made food colorful and diverse to cater to our different preferences and palates.

The Importance of Diet and Health [00:39:46] Sharing personal experience of realizing the impact of their diet on their health and emphasizes the need to honor God by taking care of our bodies.

The Link Between Diet and Mental Health [00:41:06] Conversation on the connection between diet and mental health, emphasizing the importance of eating healthy for better cognitive function and overall well-being.

The importance of growing our own food [00:49:22] Discussion on the need for individuals to take responsibility for their own food by growing their own vegetables and partnering with God in fueling their bodies.

The struggle of changing eating habits [00:51:18] Sharing personal struggles of transitioning from a diet of fried foods to healthier options and the need to retrain our thinking about what we eat.

The partnership between humans and God in food production [00:53:49] Examining the importance of planting seeds and owning our food, highlighting the connection between God’s creation and our responsibility to nourish our bodies.

The importance of balanced diets [00:58:29] Discussion on the availability of different types of food and the need for a balanced diet.

Personal experience with unhealthy eating habits [00:58:52] Sharing upbringing and exposure to unhealthy food choices.

Promoting collaborations between mainstream and gospel artists [01:00:53] Discussion on the need for more collaborations between mainstream and gospel artists and the benefits of building relationships.