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Devo: He Simply Knows

Published on August 13, 2012

You ever have that person in your life that you wanted to impress? You wanted to show them how perfect and capable you were? You didn’t want to let them down. You always put your best foot forward and never thought about showing your vulnerabilities? It may have been a teacher. A boss. A professor. Or even your parents.

I came across a verse in Psalm 103 that quickly showed me how we could often take this approach with our relationship with God.
As I read these words, “For He Himself knows our frame. He is mindful that we are but dust,”(vs. 14) I laughed. I laughed because these words humbly reminded me of who God is and who we are and why this relationship is so perfect. It showed me the foolishness that we tamper with when we strive to be perfect in God’s eyes. He knows. He knows our frame. He is mindful of our sinful nature. He is well aware of our hang ups. He isn’t intimidated by our fears. He knows our deepest secrets. He simply knows. Nothing can catch Him by surprise. So why do I find myself trying so hard sometimes? Why do I try to hide sometimes? Where can I hide from His presence? (Psalm 139)

You see, God is not who He is so that we can feel bad about who we are. No. He reminds us we are but dust so He can remind us of Who HE is. He is our loving Father who is intimately acquainted with our frame because He created us — fearfully and wonderfully. And if we actually believed Him to be who He says He is, and we are who He says we are, then we would be humbled of how mindful He is of us! If we didn’t live our lives like everything we did was a shocker to Him, I’m sure we would receive His grace and mercy easier. But that’s not what happens with us. We live our lives forgetting that we are but dust. Mere humans who are known and loved by a Sovereign God. We set these lofty expectations on ourselves that breed condemnation. We think we have to walk on egg shells with God as if we have to be careful whether or not He can see our humanity.

Then we read a verse like this, reminding us that there are no expectations with God. There is no such thing as letting God down. Why? Because we were never holding Him up to begin with. SO why think we can do it now? God empathizes with our humanity (Hebrews 6). That’s why He extends His divine grace. He fills our path with grace pits. He simply knows. Condemnation doesn’t need a front seat in our lives. Rather, conviction can and should lead us to the front row of His throne room of grace — seeking Him more.

Why don’t we let go of the fear of disappointing God and latch on to the hope and truth that our lives are a delight to Him. He desires that we get so comfortable with Him that we don’t run from Him when we’ve fallen short but we run to Him because we’ve chosen to fall into His grace and redemption. We are but dust. He simply knows.

Peace, love, and blessings,

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