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Hey Everyone,

Sorry it’s been like FOREVER since I last blogged.  I wanted to get to it, but it’s like life is playing keep away with my blog time 😀

Right now, I am operating off of 3 hours of sleep.  Hopefully this will carry me through the day.  I have been up all night working on some production for some cats that I REALLY admire.  So one had to make sure that he had a good supply of bangin’ beats!

I’m chillin now with my pregnant wife Charde and my 2 year old daughter Naima.  We are mad excited about our new addition cooking in the oven.  Yesterday we were dissapointed b/c we were suppose to hear the baby’s heartbeat, but were under the assumtion that our appointment was 30 minutes later than scheduled.  So they made us reschedule for being late!  Ahhhh!  Charde cried (pregnancy harmones).  I took her to Ol’ Charley’s and got some lunch.  That and her friends being their to support cheered her up.

I have a meeting in an hour with my Pastor about some SERIOUS BUSINESS!  And I DO MEAN SERIOUS (not in a bad way).  I then have to run a few errands and mix some beats before I engineer a session at 6:30.  After that, I plan on popping some popcorn and watching a movie with my family.

To be continued…


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