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Download Nate Gicano’s (FMA Nate G) newest single, “Bus Stop,” from his latest release, “gMUZIK Vol. 2.” “Bus Stop” recounts the story of Nate Gicano’s travels on the city limo (bus) where the seed of faith was planted in his heart by way of a Christian rap song on a secular CD given to him by a friend.

Nate Gicano hails from Dallas/Ft. Worth and is quickly becoming known as one of the region’s top artists. Nate Gicano’s rhyme style includes a mix of “Spanglish” which has drawn a loyal following, especially among Latino listeners. gMUZIK Vol. 2 dropped 03.27.12 and is NOW AVAILABLE at gMUZIK Vol. 2 is Nate Gicano’s third promotional EP released in the past year. Each project has had a single featured here on Search “nategmusic” here on HC to listen to previous releases. Be sure to download gMUZIK Vol. 2 for FREE…TODAY!

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