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Christian Rap Artist Lingo of Groovesound Records drops a few freebies our way from the “Texas Chroncilcez Mixtape.”

Get Loose featuring Brother IG

Jesus Be Da Boss

I’m Blessed featuring Stone and Point Blank

HOT or NOT?  If you DIG, its yours FREE!

“Ever since I can remember I have always had the fear of God in my life. I have always felt that Christ had a plan for my life. Even though I knew this, I tried avoiding Christ plan at a young age. I was born into an area of Dallas, TX that was filled with gangs and gang life.. At a young age I began to fascinate myself with my surroundings. Most of my friends were heavily involved in gangs, drugs, and alcohol and I began to allow myself to be lured into that lifestyle. Due to my strong convictions I tried to avoid all this by finding another passion, which was music. Music did help to an extent, but it did not totally fulfill my life. Christ was saying to me that it was not music that would make me, but He Himself. Still avoiding Christ total calling, I began to surround myself and get involved with everything I tried so hard to avoid. I believe Satan had a strong hold on my life. Later in life, a good friend of mine, which was heavily involved in the gang life, gave his life to Christ. As I seen his change, I began to open my eyes and allow God to take complete control of my life. I dedicated my life to Christ.  Since then, I have not been perfect, but I have begun to totally submit myself to the will of God and His true calling in my life.

Lingo is not only an artist but also founder of Groovesound Record, a gospel rap record label out of Dallas, TX. Artists on the roster include Heata, D.O.G. Squad, L.A.W. Click, Nate G, Phildawg, & Pooh. The goal of the label is to put out quality recording from artists that have a message of hope to people involved in street life.

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