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BGC_EverybodyArtist Name: Battleground City
Song Name: Prayer For My City (In rememberance of the Tucson, AZ shooting)
Produced by: Bradstar Productions
CD Name: City of Ashes Vol. 2: The RISE UP Edition

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Battleground City is a community development program that is devoted to providing events that will promote personal growth in the youth of Tucson, AZ. Our purpose is to educate, equip, and establish young people to make an impact in their local communities. As a dedication to the tragedy in Tucson, AZ last January. Battleground City artists Psalm Star. The Ark, & The Messenger temaed up to create this song not just for their city but for everywhere to pray for God to break the strongholds of sin and stop the violence accuring in the streets today.

We pray that everybody play this song on their radio station(s) and/or post this on their website. After the murder of the young 17 year-old Christian rapper has fueled Battleground City to press forward further the message of Jesus Christ. Thank You and God Bless!!

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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