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Free Download: Ker-Leen “Roc This Nation”


Since the age of nine, Kerlyn (Ker-Leen) has used music as an outlet for her thoughts on life, family and love. As she grew older she identified with the worlds image of beauty and success, molding her music to match those examples. In June of 2001, she accepted Christ into her life and began what she thought would be an easy journey. She soon discovered that walking out a life that mirrored Christs example was difficult. During her time as an undergraduate at the University of South Florida, she found herself living a double life. On the outside she appeared to have life figured out while she struggled with her identity inwardly.

In July of 2008, she married her high school sweetheart and began attending Crossover Community Church through a series of unlikely events. It was an improbable place to end up, being the traditional Baptist that she was. Crossover Church was unlike any church she had ever been to. Although it wasnt love at first sight, God confirmed that this was the church she was to make her home. Known for its innovative and relevant approach at teaching the truth of Christ, the Crossover family captured the heart of Kerlyn (Ker-Leen) and her husband. While at the church, God began to transform her heart and change the way she approached music all together.

During an annual Flavor Fest concert at the church, God spoke to Kerlyn (KerLeen) and confirmed that her calling is to advance the truth of Christ through music. The message brought her to tears and she made a decision that weekend to turn her talents over to her one and only Creator. Since then, she has been diligently sharpening her craft for His glory and is currently working on an EP project due for release August 2012. She continues to strive to live a life that mirrors that of Christ.
Artist Name: Ker-Leen
Song Name: Roc This Nation

Produced by: DJ Shawt
CD Name: Wear Love… Wild
CD Release Date: Aug 23 2012
Follow Me: @kerleenmusic

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