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BurntOfferingsCover1Artist Name: REKONCILED
CD Name: Burnt Offerings EP
CD Release Date: 1-5-12

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Record Label: RokNice Records
Location: Dallas, Texas

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RokNice Records released Rekonciled’s latest project, Burnt Offerings EP, on January 5, 2012. The latest project includes some big featured artists (Dre Murray and Dillon Chase) as well as professional, quality production, beats, and flows. Addressing a wide range of topics, Rekonciled’s focus was to create gripping, original music that would relate to every listener. God is truly glorified in this project and RokNice Records is pleased to announce it is a free download release. Please support Rekonciled by downloading and sharing the music.

Rekonciled brings you Burnt Offerings EP, featuring Dre Murray, Dillon Chase, and Jairus Withrow. Free Download. Share freely…

Burnt Offerings EP by REKONCILED
© 2012 RokNice Records. All Rights Reserved.

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