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Blaze=Tell_the_Truth=200=ChristianRapHipHopNewsAshly Miles, a biblical, forward thinking, Teenager, who was born in Richmond , VA and now, resides in the Seattle Washington area. This Army kid uses holy hip-hop as a platform to present the Word of God to the young and old, of all races and cultures!


In a world full of musical hip-hop artist, who are trying to obtain success, honor, and fame – Ashly Miles is a grounded, and musically fiery young lady, who produces well rehearsed music, which is not only easy to listen to, but is also positive and energetic! Ashly Miles, a beautiful and stylish red-headed talent – aptly named “Blaze”, is known, to possess an intense passion for the bible based ministry and the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. Blaze is known for using the biblical cauterization and the experiences of other people’s lives, as the foundation of verbalizing the Good News of God’s grace and glory. She has both the gift and talent, to unite others through various forms of music due to her upbringing in God’s Word, through her parents, and the personal relationship that she has with God. Because Blaze, personally seeks after the treasures of God as “fine gold” on a daily basis, she is dedicated to sharing this wealth, in a bold and uncompromising manner.

As Blaze’s family and church ministry goal is to stand in the gap for those who want to know God, Blaze has a strong passion to let God use her music and life as an overpass, for people from every tribe and nation, to cross. Blaze does this through her cutting edge music, which depicts everything from current street-edge sounds to old school finesse beats, to Christian Rock and Gospel influences. Although Blaze’s pointed, hard hitting vocal and lyrical style has been compared to Hip Hop great MC Lite, Blaze is more proud of the comparisons of her simple but piercing biblical interpretations, which is used in the lyrical style, of gospel great Fred Hammond. As many has noted, “Blaze is a wonderful bible story-teller, who makes people interested from experiencing the Wisdom of God, through prayer, reading the bible, and life-style changes”. God’s anointing upon Blaze’s ministry and walk became evident in 2007, which incidentally, was the same year Blaze fully recognized her personal walk with Jesus, by blessing her with the award of the 2007 Favorite Gospel Hip Hop Artist, of the Great Northwest. This Gospel Extravaganza award was sponsored by Greater Seattle’s leading AM-FM radio broadcast, “The Gospel Show” (C-89 FM), as the voting qualifications were computed by the station’s listening audience and area churches through-out Washington State . Though the business guidance and efforts of her mother, Donna – Blaze has had the opportunity to minister in song at the 2008 Holy Hip Hop Showcase in Nashville, TN; the North West Gospel Explosion. In addition, Blaze’s energetic and well received performances, were filmed for Portland Oregon gospel hip-hop musical project, which was aired on TV One and The Church Channel in the summer of 2008.

Furthermore, in 2008, due to her work efforts and the ability to follow directions, God used Blaze in an extended venue, by allowing her to showcase her passion for ministry, through a new genre – Gospel television broadcast hosting. Blaze is able to share her warm and humorous personality, to facilitate biblical view-points with keen communication and articulations, by her interviewing both national and local Gospel artists.

Blaze, a young lady, who is not only a well received, up-coming musical artist, but also, a well grounded witness for Christ!

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